full form of NDA and UPA?

1. NDA - National Democratic Alliance
2. UPA - United Progressive Alliance

3. The term left parties is not only used in India. It is a global term used to indicate the parties which announce pro-worker and pro-common people ideals. Left parties usually stand for state control, self-dependence, decentralisation of capital, economic equality, abolition of private property etc. The term left is used on a global level to refer to parties that have a socialist or communist ideals.

4. Right parties are also a global term. Right parties are those parties which believe in perfect competition in market, importance of privatisation etc. They believe that if everybody gets a chance, equality will occur on its own. They emphasise less state control and more personal freedom. Globally, those parties which are not leftist are known as rightist.

5. This terminology came into use the following way: During the old French revolution, in French parliament, the nobility (higher estates) occupied the right seats where as the common people (third estate) sat in left seats. Gradually left wing used to describe pro-workers and right-wing used to describe pro-capitalists.

6. CM of state is actually the leader of the political party which procures the largest amount of seats in an election. For example, if a state has 100 constituencies, and the party XXX wins 50 seats, and all other parties get less than 50 seats, then the leader of XXX becomes the CM. He is invited by governor.

7. PM of India is elected in the same way, here all the 540 parliament constituencies are taken into account. Leader of the leading party is invited to form government by the president.

8. The term bahumati means a title. Whether it has any special meanings in the context, I don't know.

9. For being CM a person has to be at least 30 years old [I hope that's right, I've only a faint remembrance]. He should not have any criminal cases upon him. He/she should not be mentally challenged.

A final word: the parties and their specifications were during older times. Now almost every parties are alike, both left and right. Everyone tries for the betterment of the poor and for welfare of people. Some leaders may not be honest in either parties. Both type of parties have good ideals. So we cannot discriminate parties on the basis of their definition.