swapnil Jain : IIT Delhi CS-Engineering Student get 80 lakhs package job in Twitter

IIT Delhi Student swapnil

Reportedly micro-blogging site Twitter has made an offer of Rs 80 Lakh to an IIT Delhi student Swapnil Jain, who is computer science graduate and belongs to Madhya Pradesh, Vidisha, swapnil will be joining Twitter head quarters as a software engineer.

This is for the first time that Twitter website has hired any one from India in last two years, while Facebook and several other US based companies have been hiring IIT’ians since last year. Some of the notable hirings this year in India according to the pay packages offered are:

Swapnil Jain on right side
From NDTV News

Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh): It's a dream come true for 22-year-old Swapnil Jain, a computer science graduate from IIT-Delhi. Swapnil, who hails from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, has been offered a job by micro-blogging website Twitter - at a whopping package of Rs. 80 lakh per annum.

He is moving to California in October to start his new job.

"Twitter has offered me a software engineer's job during the placement in IIT-Delhi. It was my dream to work for companies like Twitter or Facebook. I have worked very hard and my efforts have paid off," he said.

Swapnil says this is the first time in the last two years that Twitter has hired someone from India. And he is thrilled.

"I want to represent my country and hope that I'm able to make my family and city proud," he said.

Swapnil credits his success to his family, especially his parents. His grandfather, Babu Lal Jain, is a well-known lawyer in Vidisha and his father has a jewellery showroom.

"I am very happy. He made this possible through his hard work and dedication," said Swapnil's father Sanjay Jain.

Who is swapnil Jain? 

swapnil Jain

Senior Undergraduate Student
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi



About me:
I am a 4rd year B.Tech. student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.
My General interests include Basketball, Music and Movies

Academic Interests:
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Networks Security
  • Data Structures
The list may grow over time as I delve deeper into Computer Science. However Computer Science has kept me enamoured over the last Four years.

  • Internship at Google India, May-July 2011
    I interned at Goolge India during May-Jul 2011 under the guidance of Mr. Thirumala Reddy. I worked in the GUIDE team
    responsible for development of the Eclipse IDE for use in Google. In my project I examined and analysed the critical
    issue of latency in the Eclipse during user operations such as Call hierarchy, Reference search, etc. For large projects
    with about 3000 jars on the classpath Eclipse IDE did not performsmoothly and hangs frequently. I studied the complex
    Eclipse code to figure out how the code interacts with these jars and the scope for improvements. I came up with two
    new models for reducing the latency during user operations i.e. Shared cache model and Mega Jar approach. I achieved
    a performance improvement of upto 5x for Mega jar and 3x for Shared cache approach.

  • K-Cover Compression for Binary Sequences(July 11 - Present): Prof. Amit Kumar, CSE, IITD
    I am working with Prof. Amit Kumar and Sahil aggarwal in designing a new compression algorithm for the online
    binary sequences. We have developed a k-cover represenation where k is significantlly less than the size of
    the sequence. The compression ratio is proportional to k. To update the covers with changing sequences we have
    come up with a greedy heuristic which runs in O(log(k)) time. Currently we are trying to find an upper bound on the quality
    of the greedy heuristic. The final presentation of the last semester is available here.
  • Metric for quantification of Innovation Index(July 11 - Present): Prof. Aditya Mittal, Biological Sciences, IITD
    Currently there is no Economic Index which captures the role of scientific development and research. In this project
    we hypothesized that Econmoic developement of a nation is proportional to the amount of scientific research done
    in that nation. To verify our hypothesis we developed a quantitative parameter that captures research and development
    of a nation and, more importantly project its role in the future. In this work, we defined an ”Innovation index” as a
    metric that captures not only the total research output and global citations for the research output (as done routinely)
    , but also the self sustenance of research in a country. The complete final report is available here.
  • Intelligent Notice Board (May 10 - Nov 10) : Prof. M Balakrishnan, CSE, IITD
    Designed a e-information decimation system to solve the menace of paper wastage for posters and notices
    This system was implemented using Leopard board using TMS320DM355 processor Chip running on Monta Vista Linux
    The notice boards were centrally controlled through a web-interface, designed using PHP, HTML, MYSQL.
    The Connection between the Client(Board) and the Server(Website) was done using HTTP and FTP protocols.
  • Designed and implemented a tiny functional language (May 10 ): Prof. Sanjeeva Prasad, CSE, IITD
    Designed and implemented a tiny functional language (as a part of Programming Languages course) for computing
    expressions supporting multiple data types, functions and variables. Wrote the tokeniser, parser and the compiler
    for the same in SML.
  • MIPS 32 Processor model (Nov 09) : Prof. Anshul Kumar, CSE, IITD
    As part of the Computer architecture course a 32-bit processor having RAM, RF, ALU and Control was designed and
    simulated using the Logisim tool version 2.1.6( Carl Burch,Hendrix College). This processor implemented some basic
    MIPS instructions, namely lw, sw, beq, jump and R-type. It was later on extended to incorporate input and output system.
  • Operations Scheduler (Oct-Nov 09) : Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda, CSE, IITD
    A software for scheduling tasks with interdependencies given in the form of a Directed Acyclic Graph. As a part of the
    Design Practices in CS course this project involved efficient scheduling of generic processes using resources given in
    the form of a DAG. Both Latency-constrained as well as Resource-constrained scheduling were implemented. The DAG
    also involved hierarchical nodes which expanded into subgraphs. The software was extensively documented and subversioned.
  • VLSI Routing (Sep-Oct 09) : Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda, CSE, IITD
    As a part of the Design Practices in CS course, this project implementing a software that involved efficient routing
    of pairs of points given on a single layered two-dimensional grid.
  • Programmable Digital Lock (Apr, 2010 - May, 2010): Prof. M. Balakrishnan, CSE, IITD.
    As a part of the Digital Haraware Design Course, this project successfully implemented a programmable digital lock on
    an FPGA board and Stepper Motor. This was done using VHDL hardware language and Xilinx ISE.The design was done using
    Xilinx tool and was implemented on FPGA.
  • Text Compression (April 08): Prof. Amit Kumar, CSE, IITD
    Implemented the LZW compression algorithm to compress text files efficiently and quickly by making use of hash tables.

Technical Skills
  • Programming and Scripting Languages : Java, Python, C, C++, Standard ML, MIPS-32 Assembly Language, HTML, PHP, CSS
  • Hardware Description Languages : VHDL, Verilog
  • DataBases : MySQL
  • Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows , Linux
  • Others : Xilinx ISE, Xilinx EDK ml-lex, ml-yacc, Logisim, Netbeans IDE, Photoshop, Eclipse IDE

  • Computer Science:
    • Introduction to Computers and Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Discrete Mathematical Structures
    • Computer Architecture
    • Design Practices in Computer Science
    • Programming Languages
    • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
    • Computer Networks
    • Embedded Systems Laboratory
    • Operating Systems
    • Database Implementation
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Theory of Computation
  • Electrical Engineering:
    • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
    • Digital Electronics Circuits
    • Signals and Systems
  • Other Departments:
    • Introduction to Analysis and Differential Equations
    • Introduction to Algebra and Matrix Analysis
    • Introduction to Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
    • Statistics and Algorithms
    • Physics of Materials
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Engineering Graphics
    • Physical Chemistry: Concepts and Applications
    • Manufacturing Practices
  • Humanities Department:
    • Macro-Economics
    • Science Technology and Society
    • Enviornment, Development and Society

  • Scholastic Achievements:
    • Secured AIR 94 in JEE 2008.
    • Secured State Rank 56 in AIEEE 2008.
  • Voluntary Activities:
    • Member, The Pebbles, Delhi Chapter : Was one of the founding members of the Delhi Chapter of the NGO, created by IITD students aimed at shaping
      the futures of the underprivileged. As part of the same we conducted a cloth collection drive as well as a mock JEE test.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell:
    • Member, Corprate and Industrial Relations Team of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT Delhi. 
    • Have invited Entrepreneurs like Mr. Rakesh Bharti Mittal, co-founder Bharti Airtel,on the board for the first time in IIT.
  • Intuit txtWeb Applications:
  • Facebook Application:
    • Developed sms bday alerts Facebook application. This application alerts the users about their friends birthdays by a daily sms .
      Initially this app is for India only. The users for this app are growing exponentailly :)
  • Web Development:
    • Member of IIT Delhi's Golden Jubilee website development team. Designed an extensive web interface to facilitate
      alumni participation. The website will be launched as part of IIT Delhi's Golden Jubilee celebrations and will continue
      to illustrate and coordinate the celebrations for the whole year.

Currently busy with
  • txtWeb Applications: Currently I am working on developing txtWeb applications. My latest one is sms bday alerts.
    Any ideas on new applications are always Welcome.
  • Facebook Applications My latest hobby is working with facebook api's. I have developed an application sms bday alerts as a beggining.
    Right now I am working on Facebook position update through an sms.
  • Android Application I am developing txtWeb app Store for Android 2.2 Smartphone.

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