Ocean Development

With the ratification of the UN Convention on Law of the Sea, a new international order has been established for the oceans. India is represented in almost all the important bodies on oceans. The oceanographic programmes have national, regional and global importance.The Department is the nodal agency for several international programmes in the ocean sector and represents the country in Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, Regional Committee of IOC in Coastal Indian Ocean (IOCINDIO), International Sea-Bed Authority (ISBA) and the State Parties of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS), the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) and its scientific and managerial organs - Commission on Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programme (COMNAP), Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), etc.

In a significant development the minstry of ocean development has been recently named as the ministry of Earth sciences. The Ministry of Earth Sciences is in charge of matters relating to Ocean Science and Technology, Meteorology, Seismology, Climate and Environmental Sciences
and related Earth Sciences.

The Department of Ocean Development was created in July 1981 to serve as a nodal Department for organising, coordinating and promoting ocean development activities in the country, in line with the Ocean Policy Statement. The programmes of the Department are directed towards :
 (1) Technology Development Programmes for future applications with
strategic, industrial and economic significance;
(2) Societal Programmes with direct/ indirect benefit for the community by technology applications and pilot project demonstration with the participation of
the community for their socio-economic prosperity, and for coastal area
(3) Marine Resources Programmes for exploration of marine
living and non-living resources, techno- economic studies to evolve
strategies for sustainable exploration and utilistion, and resource
(4) Multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary Polar
Science Progammes and Antarctic Expeditions with scientific and
geopolitical significance;
(5) Capacity Building Programme towards
self-reliance through basic scientific research in ocean sector, human
resource development and establishing Centres of Excellence in academic
institutions and
(6) Creation of public awareness of ocean, its
potential and uses.

Marine Research and Capacity Building is one of the key programme
areas of the Department to promote basic research in marine science and
establish centres of excellence in academic institution and of self
Solicitor General of India (past and present)

Solicitor GeneralTerm
C.K.Daphtary28.01.1950 – 01.03.1963
H.N. Sanyal02.03.1963 – 09.09.1964
S.V. Gupta10.09.1964 – 16.09.1967
Niren De30.09.1967 – 30.10.1968
Jagadish Swarup05.06.1969 – 04.06.1972
L.N. Sinha17.07.1972 – 05.04.1977
S.N. Kacker05.04.1977 – 02.08.1979
Soli Sorabjee09.08.1979 – 25.01.1980
K. Parasaran06.03.1980 – 08.08.1983
Milon K. Banerji04.04.1986 – 03.04.1989
Ashok Desai18.12.1989 – 02.12.1990
A.D. Giri04.12.1990 – 01.12.1991
Dipankar P. Gupta09.04.1992 – 10.04.1997
T.R.Andhyarujina11.04.1997 – 04.04.1998
Nitte Santhosh Hegde10.04.1998 – 07.01.1999
Harish Salve01.11.1999 - 03.11.2002
Kirit N Raval04.11.2002 - 19.04.2004
G. E. Vahanvati20.04.2004 - 07.06.2009
Gopal Subramaniam15.06.2009 - 14.7.2011
Rohinton Nariman23.7.2011 -