UPSC Civil Services exam Books & tips for Psychology

Following are the standard books that can be followed for Psychology as mains optional subject:
Basic reading-
  • NCERT- 11th and 12th (required as gives an Indian perspective)
  • Psychology by Baron/ Introduction to Psychology by Morgan and King/ Psychology by Ciccarelli (Any one of these three for basic conceptual understanding of psychological constructs)
Optional reading- 
  • Systems and Theories of Psychology by Kraweic and Chaplin
  • Theories of Personality by Hall and Lindzey 
  • Social Psychology by Baron and Byrne (may be helpful in paper 2)
  • Applied Psychology by Smarak Swain (only indian author book for Paper-2)
Apart from these, basic understanding of the syllabi and what needs to be covered can be known from Mukul Pathak's class notes. 
Even printed material of Mukul Pathak is useful.