Tulsishyam Amreli :Discovery of ‘anti-gravity’ road stretch in Gujarat

A strange phenomenon at a stretch of road near Tulsi Shyam in Amreli district, where, vehicles if left in free-gear and without hand-break, would start rolling up the hill against the gravitational pull, has left scientists and the state government bewildered.

Instead of going down the road, the car slowly moved upwards and stopped only after covering a distance of about 110 feet

The unusual occurrence, which was first noticed by Ratilal a businessman and his friends, on way from Tulsi Shyam to Madhad village about a week ago, has made the government and experts curious, who are trying to find out the possible causes before it becomes another place of tourist attraction.

Ratilal a businessman from Morvi, who claims to have first chance discovered the phenomenon, however maintains that he has re-visited the stretch several times since then and has a video recording of strange occurrence. Apart from handing over the copy of a CD to the government to probe, he has also put it on Youtube.

Chance discovery

Known for hot water springs and Rukshmani temple, the area is thronged by devotees and visitors all round the year

“That day we all were travelling in the car. We wanted to ease ourselves and stopped the vehicle. The driver also got down with us. Soon I noticed our car, rolling up the hill. I asked the driver if he had left the engine on. But he was dumbfound and showed me the car-keys to tell he had switched off the vehicle, before getting down. But he had left the car in neutral gear without applying hand-break” he said.

A surprised Ratilal later narrated the incident to his friend Khumansinh Mori, a police official at Amreli. Curious to know about it, he insisted on accompanying him to visit the stretch again. Like the previous occasion, the vehicle slowly moved upwards and stopped only after covering a distance of about 110 feet.

“We also poured some water at the spot and found that it instead of going downwards in line with the gravitational pull, it made way in the upward direction,” said Ratilal.

Apart from handing over the video-footage to government, Ratillal uploaded it on net and can be viewed at Youtube, he added.

Government probing  

 “We have collected primary details. There have been reports of a similar phenomenon being seen at a stretch in Laddakh (Jammu and Kashmir) but this could be first of its kind in Gujarat. Scientists and geological experts are looking into various aspects and causes which could lead to such strange occurrences,” he said. 

Sanghani added that he would soon visit the place with experts and if claims are found true, the government may declare the stretch as a tourist spot.

Already known for hot water springs and Rukshmani temple, the area has been thronged by devotees and visitors.

Scientists surprised 

Additional director mining and geology J M Patel said, “I have visited several places in Gujarat but yet to notice any such occurrence anywhere. If claims are true, this would be a rare place which everyone would like to visit.”

Head of Physics department Gujarat University P N Gajja added that the occurrence could be due to resilience force which however could be confirmed only after sustained probe. “It’s a subject of research and I would like to visit the place,” he said.

Dr K M Kulkarni who heads department of Geography too maintained that he was surprised and observed that the phenomenon could have some connection with the movement of earthquake.

Theories aboundIn fact, a few studies with regard to similar stretches across the world, have indicated that the strange phenomenon could be caused by the gravitational pull from dark matters that exist on parallel universe.

Besides there are also unconfirmed theories indicating the phenomenon could be due to optical illusion or magnetic and gravitational anomalies.

Famous Gravity Hills from around the world
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•   Gravity Hill, Wisconsin in  USA; 
•   Magnetic Hill, Manitoba, Canada; 
•   Electric Brae, Ayeshire, Scotland; 
•   Anti-Gravity Hill, Victoria, Australia;
•   Hill South of Rome, Frascati, Italy; 
•   MountPenteli, Athens, Greece

Must watch video:Discovery of ‘anti-gravity’ road stretch in Gujarat

Presented above is a video made by Morbi based businessman Ratilalbhai Parmar. This video was made on a highway road near Tulsishyam mandir of Dhari taluka in Amreli district of Saurashtra.

On 1st January, 2012 Ratilalbhai was on way to Tulsishyam, when he halted with his car on the highway and found that his car was moving on the slope against the gravity. Curious he, repeated this, and discovered an anti-gravity road stretch. He tried the same with water and a ring, but every time he found the things working against gravity on particular road stretch. Ratilalbhai later made this video and uploaded on Youtube. His video has been watched for more than 1700 time then after(update on 18 January, two videos on this are watched for over 10,000 times). Ratilalbhai’s discovery has found place in various newspapers.

Gujarat Tourism can erect sign boards on both the ends of particular stretch where anti-gravity effect is found.

Ratilalbhai has suggested that this stretch should be reserved for those wanting to have anti-gravity fun here, and alternate road should be built for regular traffic. He points out that an open land for alternate road is available here.

Shri Ratilalbhai’s discovery can be termed as an uncommon discovery by a common man. He has produced so good a video that once you start watching the video presented above, you would not leave it till the end.

This discovery should not be taken lightly and the stretch should be marked well with interesting sign board. This stretch can be added as a tourist attraction on way to Diu, Tulsishyam, Gir.