GK SET-1 : Indian History & Culture Part-C

301What was the complaint of Pliny the elder, against India?He complained that India drained Roman wealth by selling luxury articles at high prices to Romans
302What was the name of the son of King of Takshashila who offered Alexander help in invading India?Ambhi. This was the first recorded instance of an Indian King turning traitor.
303What was the name the Greeks used to refer to Ambhi?Omphis.
304By which name do we know the ancient city of Prayag?Allahabad.
305Of the five Siddhantas (Indian astronomical works) two are said to be of Western origin. Which?Romaka Siddhanta and Paulisa Siddhanta. This shows that Indian astronomy was considerably influenced by Western thoughts.
306What is the modern name for the ancient city of Purushapura?Peshawar.
307From which language is the word 'Sindoora'
(vermilion) derived?
Chinese. (From the Chinese word Tsin-sung.)
308According to Chinese sources Kaundinya an Indian Prince, formed a kingdom in south East Asia. Where was this kingdom located?Cambodia.
309Who was Buddha's personal physician?Jivaka. Jivaka was the personal physician of Bimbisara. During his visit to Buddha, Bimbisara offered the services of Jivaka, who became Buddha's personal physician.
310Who were the Ajivikas?They were one of the prominent religious sects during the time of Mahavira and Buddha.
311In Vedic times, who was referred to as a 'Grihapati'?The master of the house.
312Which common seasoning ingredient of today finds no reference in the Rig Veda?Salt.
313What was the name of the famous tract of land that lay between the Saraswati and the Drishadvati?Kurukshetra.
314What was the Rajasuya sacrifice (yajna)?It was the yajna to mark the royal consecration. It included offerings to the gods in the houses of officials and a formal abhisheka by the priest. Other popular rites that followed were a cow-raid and a game of dice in which the king was made the Victor.
315What was the Vishwajit sacrifice?In the Vishwajit sacrifice, the (yajamana) performer had to give away all that he possessed.
316Who succeeded Chandra Gupta I?Samudragupta.
317According to legend, who succeeded Samudragupta?His son Rama Gupta. He was a weak ruler who surrendered his wife to a Shaka tyrant. Her honour was saved by the younger brother of Rama Gupta, Chandra Gupta, who killed the Shaka ruler, replaced his brother on the throne and married Dhruvadevi.
318Who succeeded Chandra Gupta II?His son Kumara Gupta, who ruled from AD 415 to 455.
319Who or what were the Huns?They were a race of fierce, warlike people, whose original home was in the steppes of Central Asia. They spread terror and destruction both in the West (i.e. the Roman Empire) and India.
320Which Gupta ruler successfully defended his empire against the invading Huns?Skanda Gupta.
321Which Gupta ruler performed the Ashwamedha yajna?Samudra Gupta.
322Into which group of people were the Huns assimilated by the Indian society?The Rajputs.
323Which dynasty claimed its descent from Lakshmana, the brother of Shri Rama?The Pratiharas. By the ninth century the influence of Pratiharas extended from the Punjab to central India and from Kathiawar to north Bengal.
324Who invented the decimal place value system?Aryabhata invented the decimal place value system. Scholars hold that it cannot be said with certainty that the system was invented by Aryabhata. It seems it was known to astronomers who came before him.
325The Cholas extended their territory in South India and also conquered the northern part of Sri Lanka. Who was the ruler who made northern Sri Lanka a province of his empire?Rajaraja Chola.
326Which part of India did the Arabs first conquer?Sindh. Mohammed Ibn-Kasim, the nephew and son-in-law of the governor of Iraq, defeated Dahir Sen in 712 A.D.
327What are the four sources of Law according to the law giver, Manu?a. Sruti or the Vedas.
b. Smriti (expanded version of the Dharma     shastras). Smriti is also regarded as the only     authentic source of Hindu Law and social     customs,
c. Customs of holy men
d. One's own inclination.
328By what name was the area of western and northwestern Bengal known?Gauda. The name was applied both to the people and their country.
329Where in Maharashtra are frescoes that depict the Jataka Stories?At Ajanta, near Ellora caves.
330What was the language used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization?Historians have as yet not been able to determine the language used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization. The script used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization has also not been deciphered.
331Which was the animal that was most engraved on Indus Valley Civilization seals?The Humpless Bull.
332What was unique about the ascension to the throne by Gopala, the founder of the Pala dynasty in Gauda (present day West Bengal)?He was not a hereditary ruler, but was elected by the people to rule over them.
333Which was the seat of power of the Pallava dynasty?Kanchipuram. The Pallavas founded the first great empire in south India. Under the Pallavas, Kanchi became a great centre of Brahminical and Buddhist
334Who was the Chola ruler who crossed the Ganga and defeated the rulers there?Rajendra Chola.
335When did the first invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni take
1000 A.D.
336Who was the first Indian ruler defeated by Mahmud of Ghazni?Jayapala of the Hindushahi dynasty.
337Where is Ghazni?In modem Afghanistan.
338Why were temples the main target of Mahmud of Ghazni?They had immense wealth stockpiled.
339Who was the Arab traveller whose work on India is referred to as a mirror of 11"1 century India?Alberuni.
340At whose request did Alberuni travel to India?Mahmudof Ghazni.
341At which battle did Prithviraj Chauhan defeat Mohammed of Ghori?In the first Battle of Tarain in 1190-91.
342Which medieval ruler is reputed to be an author of almost 20 books on subjects as diverse as medicine, architecture and astronomy?Raja Bhoja of the Paramara dynasty. The Paramara dynasty ruled over the Malwa region.
343Identify the person who was in charge of Mohammad of Ghori's possessions in India.Qutbuddin Aibak.
344To which deity was the temple of Somnath dedicated?Shiva.
345Who wrote the Ramayana in Tamil?Kamban.
346Who was the founder of the Slave dynasty?Qutbuddin Aibak.
347Why is the term "Slave dynasty" an inaccurate term?Only three sultans (Qutbuddin Aibak, Iltutmish and Balban) were slaves, and later even they were released from slavery by their masters. They were slaves, but only in the early part of their lives.
348Who was the only woman to ascend the throne of Delhi?Razia Sultana.
349Which Persian historian accompanied Alauddin Khalji on his expedition to Chittor?Amir Khusrau.
350The Choda Ganga dynasty of Orissa was responsible for the construction of some famous temples. Can you identify them?The Jagannath temple at Puri and the Sun Temple at Konark.
351Name the king of Mewar who is said to have built thirty two forts during his reign?RanaKumbha
352How did Rana Kumbha celebrate his victory over Mahmud Khalji of Malwa?He built the Tower of Victory in Chittor. It is called the Vijayastambha.
353Who helped Humayun save himself after the Battle of Chausa?A water carrier helped Humayun cross the Ganga and to safety.
354Over which kingdom did Chand Bibi rule?She ruled over Ahmadnagar as a Regent.
355What articles of trade was the kingdom of Golconda known for?Diamonds and textiles.
356Who founded the city of Hyderabad?Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah.
357Who was the Qutub Minar dedicated to?The Sufi saint Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki and not Qutbuddin Aibak as people mistakenly assume.
358In which language did Shankaradeva, a Bhakti Saint, propagate his views?Assamese.
359In which language did Surdas sing?Brij.
360Where is the famous Kamakhya temple (Kamakshi)?At Guwahati.
361Which Mughal Emperor adopted the Zoroastrian
practice of Navroz?
362Which were the provinces added by Aurangzeb to the Mughal Empire?Bijapur and Golconda.
363Who took care of Shah Jahan when he was kept imprisoned by Aurangzeb?Jahanara, Shah Jahan's daughter.
364Who installed a chain of bells outside his palace gate?Jahangir.
365Why was the chain of bells installed?This was the "Chain of Justice" installed to ensure that all citizens of the country had access to justice.
366During the reign of which Mughal Emperor was the peacock throne made?Shah Jahan.
367Which place did Vasco da Gama reach when he found a new route to India?Calicut. Now known as Kozhikode
368What were the European Factories that are referred to in Indian history?Factories were nothing but fortified trading stations established by the European powers in India.
369Where did the English set up their first factory?Surat.
370Who was the Englishman who succeeded in getting a farman from the Mughals exempting the English from paying any inland toll?Sir Thomas Roe.
371What prompted Jahangir to allow the English to set up a factory in Surat?The British defeated the Portuguese naval squadrons. Jahangir wanted to use the English as a counter against the growing Portuguese power.
372What were the reasons why the British wanted to secure Bombay from the Portuguese?Those controlling Bombay controlled trade on the west coast. And there was no interference from either the Mughals or the Marathas on this sea.
373Which city did Job Charnock establish?Colcutta.
374Which Saint inspired the Marathas with ideals of social reform and national regeneration?Saint Samarth Ramdas.
375Near which fort, acquired early in his career, did Shivaji build Raigarh?Torna.
376Between 1649 and 1655 Shivaji suspended offensive operations against Bijapur. Why did he do so?His father had been arrested and was released only on the condition that Shivaji suspend his military activities.
377Alauddin Khalji was the nephew and son-in-law of a Delhi Sultan whom he later murdered. Who was the sultan?Jalaluddin Firuz Khalji.
378One of the more interesting causes for a battle fought in Indian history has been vividly described by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in his epic Padmavat. What, according to Malik Muhammad Jayasi was the cause of the battle?That Allaudin Khalji invaded Chittor because he was infatuated by Padmini, the queen of Rana Ratan Singh of Mewar.
379Why did Muhammad-bin-Tughluq shift his capital from Delhi?He shifted his capital to Deogir (Deogiri) because it held a central position in the empire and therefore, would be safe from Mongol invasions.
380Who was the first Afghan to be seated on the throne of Delhi?Buhlul Khan Lodi (in April 1451).
381Which kingdom came into existence during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq?Bahmani kingdom.
382Where is Babur buried?He is buried in Kabul.
383Poems of which Kashmiri poet are the oldest of the ones still available with us?LallaDidi(LalDed)
384The ruler of Bihar conferred upon the young Farid a title. What was the title and why was it conferred upon him?Sher Khan, for killing a tiger single-handed.
385What was the name assumed by Farid when he ascended the throne?Sher Shah.
386Who were the opponents in the battle fought at Chausa?Humayun and Sher Shah.
387How did Sher Shah die?Sher Shah died due to an accidental explosion of gunpowder while attempting to capture the fort Kalinjar in 1545.
388Which ruler helped Humayun recover Kandahar and Kabul?The Ruler of Persia.
389Who proclaimed Akbar the Emperor?Bairam Khan in 1556.
390What words did Saint Ramanuja use to describe the scheduled castes?Tirukulattar (Belonging to the family of God).
391At what age did Akbar ascend the thorne?Thirteen years.
392How did Humayun die?Humayun tumbled down the stairs of his library when he was responding to the call of muezzin for evening prayers.
393What was the occupation of Himu (also spelt Hemu) before he rose to prominence in politics?He was a grocer.
394Who fought the second battle of Panipat?Akbar and Himu.
395Who wrote Lilavati, a treatise on Algebra?Bhaskaracharya.
396What title did Himu adopt after he occupied Agra and Delhi by defeating its Mughal governor?Raja Vikramaditya
397Who did Iltutmish nominate as his successorHis daughter Razia.
398Himu, in the battle of Panipat, gained initial success against the Mughal forces. How did the tide turn in the favour of the Mughals?A chance arrow struck Himu in the eye rendering him unconscious. Deprived of his leadership his soldiers dispersed in confusion.
399The Mughal forces defeated a Rajput ruler at the pass of Haldighat. Which ruler are we talking about?Rana Pratap.
400Which work describes the romantic story of the marriage of Sanyogita the daughter of the Gahadavala king Jaichandra with Prithviraj Chauhan?Prithviraja Raso.
401Marco Polo was a traveller (from Venice) who is very well known for his adventures. Which south Indian dynasty does he mention in his travelogues?The Kakatiya dynasty.
402Timur or Tamerlane, a central Asian Turk (and an ancestor of Babur) invaded India and ransacked Delhi. Who was the ruler of Delhi at that time?Sultan Mahmud Shah.
403Name the ruler of the Tughluq dynasty who was well versed in Astronomy, Mathematics and Medicine.Muhammad bin Tughluq.
404A particular dance form gained prominence during the Vijayanagara period. What was the dance form?Yakshagana.
405Who fought the battle of Talikota?The battle was fought between the Vijayanagara Empire and the combined forces of the Deccan Sultans. The Sultan of Berar however did not take part in this battle.
406Who won the battle of Talikota?The Vijayanagara forces were comprehensively defeated and this eventually led to their downfall.
407Where was the Battle of Talikota fought?It was fought in the area between the villages of Rakassi and Tangadi (Tagdi). Due to the bloodshed and ruin that this battle brought on the Vijayanagara Empire it was also called 'Raktakshi Tangadi'.
408Who were the opponents at the battle of Khanua?Rana Sanga and Babur.
409What was the name of RanaPratap's horse?Chetak.
410Who was the Jesuit missionary who held personal
discussions with Akbar?
Anthony Monserrate.
411How do we better know Mihr-un-nisa in Indian
412What was the title given to Mihr-un-nisa by Jahangir?Nur Mahal (the light of the Palace). The title was later changed to Nur Jahan (Light of the World).
413Who was the Mughal queen whose name was written on all the imperial Mughal farmans of her time and inscribed on coins?Nur Jahan.
414After Akbar secured victory in Gujarat he undertook an activity to commemorate this victory. What was that activity?He founded the city of Fatehpur Sikri.
415By which name was Ramtanu Mishra known?Tansen. He was earlier in the employment of the Raja of Rewah.
416Name the Mughal emperor who was an accomplished veena player.Aurangzeb
417The Razmnama in Persian was a compilation by several scholars. Of which Hindu epic was this a translation?Mahabharata
418Name Aurangzeb's daughter who wrote under the pen name Makhi and produced a collection of poems.Zebunnisa.
419King Charles II of England married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza. How did this event affect Indian history?The Portuguese transferred the islands that make up modern Mumbai to the British as the dowry of Catherine.
420From whom did the Portuguese capture Goa?Sultan of Bijapur.
421Who was the Portuguese Governor who captured Goa?Alfonso de Albuquerque.
422What was Shivaji's council of ministers known as?The Ashla Pradhan Mandal.
423Who were the opponents in the battle of Takkolam?Cholas and Pandyas. The Pandyas were completely defeated.
424How do we better know the Kingdom of Pragjyotishpur?Assam.
425Which dynasties rose on the ruins of the Chola dynasty?The Pandyas and the Hoysalas.
426Who wrote the Telugu version of the Mahabharata?Nanniah. Though he began the work it was eventually completed by Tikkanna.
427Who were the "Nayanars" in Tamil Nadu?They were devotees of Shiva who flourished between the sixth and ninth centuries.
428Who were the "Alvars" in Tamil Nadu?They were the devotees of Vishnu.
429Who fought the second battle of Tarain in 1192 A,D?Prithviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori.
430Before the battle of Tarain, Prithviraj Chauhan appealed for help from the rajas of North India. One prominent ruler refused any. Who was this ruler?Jaichandra of Kanauj.
431What was the capital of the Bahmani kingdom?Gulbarga.
432Who was the Turkish officer who conquered the area of north Bengal?BakhtiyarKhalji.
433How did Qutbuddin Aibak die?'He fell off his horse while playing chaugan (polo) and died due to the resultant injuries.
434Who succeeded Qutbuddin Aibak to the throne of Delhi?Iltutmish (son-in-law of Qutbuddin Aibak).
435What did Shivaji say when he got the news of the capture of Kondana?"Gadh aala pun Sinha gela" - We got the fort but lost the lion (referring to Tanaji Malsure).
436What was the original name of the town Daulatabad?Deogiri (Devgiri).
437For how long did Razia rule?About three and a half years.
438How do we better know Ulugh Khan in Indian history?Balban.
439What were the ceremonies introduced by Balban, merely to demonstrate his superiority to other nobles?Sijada-Prostration Paibos - Kissing the emperor's feet. He introduced these ceremonies to demonstrate his superiority over the nobles.
440During whose rule did the Mongols make the first serious attempt to establish their rule over Delhi?Alauddin Khalji.
441What is the region of Kamrup known in modern India?Assam.
442Who were the sons of Shah Jahan?Dara Shikoh (also Shukoh), Shuja Murad and Aurangzeb.
443During the reign of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, where was his son Muhammad Tughlaq posted?Deogir.
444Who was the first sultan of Delhi to pay his soldiers in cash?Alauddin Khalji.
445Which ruler introduced the concept of token currency in India?Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.
446Harihara and Bukka rebelled against Muhammad Bin Tughlaq and founded a kingdom. What was it?The Vijayanagara Kingdom.
447Whom did Shah Jahan choose, in his last will, as his heir apparent?Dara Shukoh.
448During whose rule did jizyah become a separate tax?Firuz Tughlaq. It was a part of the land revenue in earlier times.
449During the period of the Delhi Sultanate who was the most important official?TheWazir.
450Who was commissioned by Akbar to write the history of his reign?AbulFazI.

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