MARKETING QUESTIONS Questions Asked in Today's SBI PO Exam: Morning Shift

**************MARKETING QUESTIONS*****************
1. Process of dividing the total market into smaller groups having homogeneity is called – Segmentation
2. Primary data is generally collected through – Survey
3. Secondary data is collected through - Official record
4. Casual research is - To find out cause and effect relationship
5. A statement with which the respondent shows the amount of agreement/disagreement is a- Likert scale
6. A scale that rates some attribute from poor to excellent is a - Rating scale
7. When the population is divided into mutually exclusive groups and random samples are drawn from each group. It is called - Stratified sampling
8. When the population is divided into mutually exclusive groups such as blocks and the researcher draws a sample from the group or block is called - Area and cluster sampling
9. A direction is sequence of events which have some momentum and disability is – Trend
10. Promotion in Marketing means - selling the products through various means
11. A Call in Marketing means - to call on prospective customers
12. Delivery Channel means- places where products are made available to the buyers
13. Innovation means- New ideas
14. Market Survey means- Market Research
15. ……can be done through digital Banking? - Mobile phone
16. Planned-cost service means- Extra profit on the same cost
17. How many stages are there in the Product Life Cycle? - 5
18. SMEs stands for - Small and Medium Enterprises
19. The decision regarding investment in Fixed Assets is known as - Capital Budgeting
20. EPS stands for - Earnings per share