Nikkei Inc.

Nikkei Inc.

Since its establishment in 1876, Nikkei Inc. has continuously evolved as a media organization that focuses on business and economic news while holding to the principles of independence and freedom.

Our corporate creed is to contribute to the peaceful and democratic development of the Japanese economy--the basis of people's livelihoods--by providing fair and impartial news reports. We have met this commitment through our objective reporting, an approach that has enabled us to uphold market principles and democratic values. As a result, we enjoy an excellent reputation in Japan and overseas as a reliable source of information.

In 2010 we launched The Nikkei Online Edition,, which in less than a year established itself as Japan's online media leader. The online edition provides subscribers not only with articles carried by The Nikkei, our flagship print edition, but also with original content not found anywhere else.

I am convinced print newspapers will continue to play a solid role in journalism into the future. But information is being delivered to readers via an increasing array of new devices, from PCs to smartphones to tablets. In this quickly shifting environment, Nikkei is determined to stay at the forefront of change by constantly pursuing innovation.

The five newspapers we publish form the cornerstone of our operations. We are also active in a diverse range of areas, from digital media to book and magazine publishing to broadcasting. We continue to expand into new arenas, including education and index-related businesses to pursue growth opportunities. In carrying out our multi-platform news media strategy, we strive to provide content and services tailored to the various needs of our readers.

The earthquake that hit eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, has reminded us afresh of the importance of providing accurate and swift reporting in times of emergency. The devastating natural disaster has reinforced our understanding of the tremendous responsibility media organizations bear in helping build a better, safer society.

I would like to pledge Nikkei's commitment to becoming a truly global media organization and to making every effort to provide our readers with exactly the kind of information they want.

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