Presidents of India" (1950 - 2012) QUIZ answers

The answers also give you the chronological order of Presidents of India. ( Means the first question's answer is the first President of India. 2nd question's answer is the 2nd President of India and so on. )

1. Which Indian President also known as "Bihar Gandhi" ?
Dr. Rajendra Prasad

2. An Indian President was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature for five consecutive years, although he did not win.
Who is he?
Dr. S Radhakrishnan

3. Name the person who served as Indian President for the shortest period of time?
Dr. Zakir Hussain

4. Who remains the only person to have held office both as a president and acting president in India?
V V Giri

5. Who is the first Indian President to be born in 20th century?
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

6. Who was the only person to be elected President unopposed ?
Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

7. Who was the president when Indira Gandhi was assassinated?
Giani Zail Singh

8. Which Indian President is the author of the book, "My Presidential Years"?
R Venkataraman

9. 'Living Legends of Law Award of Recognition' was awarded to which Indian President?
Shankar Dayal Sharma

10. Which Indian President's wife is the only woman of foreign origin to have become the First Lady?
K R Narayanan

11. Who was elected the President of India, defeating Lakshmi Sahgal (commonly referred to in India as Captain Lakshmi )?
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

12. Who is the only person to become Indian President by defeating a former Vice-President?
Pratibha Patil