The Beacon lights used in India

This article contains the rule for beacon light use. How many colours of beacon light are permissible and which is used by whom under which Motor Vehicle Rule. What is the difference between the two Red beacon lights? Let common people to understand the reason as to respect the vehicle with beacon light and must provide way to an ambulance.

The beacon light on the car is a mark of importance and dignity. The people must respect the vehicle with the beacon light but there have been cases where few people have misused them as well.

Colours of Beacon light

There are three colours of beacon light permissible on the vehicles in India:
1. Red beacon
i. With flasher
ii. Without flasher
2. Amber Beacon
3. Blue Beacon
(Red Beacon light is most important and thus it has two sub categories.) 

Law that governs the use of Beacon light

The law which governs the beacon and its colors is stated in Clause III of rule 108, Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989.

Which colour is permissible for who

Code of law for the beacon light to be used by who and how:
Red beacon (With flasher)
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Prime Minister
4. Former President
5. Deputy Prime Minister
6. Chief Justice of India
7. Speaker of the Lok Sabha
8. Cabinet Ministers of the Union
9. Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission
10. Former Prime Ministers
11. Leaders of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
12. Judges of the Supreme Court
13. Governors of States within and outside their respective States.
14. Chief Ministers of States within and outside their respective States.
15. Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and High Commissioners of Commonwealth Countries accredited to India.

Red beacon (Without flasher)
1. Chief Election Commissioner
2. Comptroller and Auditor General of India
3. Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha
4. Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha
5. Ministers of the State of the Union
6. Members of the Planning Commission
7. CBDT/CBEC chairman
8. Attorney General of India
9. Cabinet Secretary
10. Chiefs of Staff of the three services holding the rank of full General or equivalent rank
11. Deputy Ministers of the Union
12. Officiating Chiefs of Staff of the three services holding the rank of Lt. General or equivalent rank
13. Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal
14. Chairman, Minorities Commission
15. Chief Commissioner of Income-tax/Customs&Central Excise
16. Chairman, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission
17. Chairman, Union Public Services Commission
18. Deputy Chief Ministers of States
19. Chief Justices of High Courts Within & Outside their respective jurisdictions.
20. Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary accredited to India

Amber Beacon
1. Revenue commissioners
2. District Collectors
3. Police Commissioners (junior ranks)
4. Police Superintendent
5. Commissioners and Additional Commissioners of Income Tax
6. Fire brigade vehicles

Blue Beacon
1. Ambulances 
2. Police PCR


One must give way to the vehicle which are having the beacon lights and specially the Ambulances as they are running to save someone's life. So, honour the Blue Beacon light of the Ambulance while you are on road.
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