Wu Bin : A Chinese Bus Driver Hailed A Hero After Chunk Of Iron Smashed Through Windscreen (VIDEO)

Wu Bin With Wife

Government officials and thousands of ordinary residents on Tuesday attended the funeral of a bus driver in Zhejiang province who died saving the lives of 24 passengers after their vehicle was hit by flying debris.

in this combo of four images made off surveillance video filmed Tuesday, May 29, 2012 and released by China's Xinhua News Agency Saturday, June 2, 2012, Wu Bin drives a bus on the Yangshan section of the Wuxi-Yixing highway, China, left top, before being struck by a chunk of iron that smashed through his windscreen, right top, nevertheless he keeps on driving, left bottom, and collapsed after stopping the bus. Wu died Friday, June 1, 2012 of his injuries from the accident, but not before braking

IA video clip from the bus showed that Wu Bin, 48, managed to brake, shift gears, slow down the bus to a stop and reassure and calm 24 passengers despite being in obvious pain. Wu was hit a flying chunk of iron that smashed through his windscreen.

Wu ultimately died of his injuries from the freak accident, which occurred last Tuesday.

The official China Daily said experts believe that the debris flew off from a vehicle speeding in the opposite direction.

Passengers at first did not realize anything was wrong, said Han Weichun who was seated near the back of the bus, according to the paper.

"We heard an almighty crash but thought it might be an accident involving other vehicles. Our bus pulled over gently before Wu turned around toward us, looking pale and sweating. He opened the door, told us to be careful and then went silent."

The paper said many people have visited his home in Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, to mourn their hero.

"I have been driving a car for more than 10 years and I know how difficult it is to stop a vehicle safely in great pain," said passenger Liu Shibing, who went to pay his respects at Wu's home.

"We admire him and are very grateful." If he had done anything differently, turned the wheel too far in one direction, or not managed to stop the bus, we would not be here, Liu said.

Wu’s sister said the family appreciates the public’s kindness but they won’t accept any donations in any form, said Dushikuaibao, a local newspaper.

The Hangzhou government has praised him as a hero and a role model. Zhang Jianting, the city’s vice mayor, hosted the funeral, which was attended by Feng Zhenglin, vice minister of transportation, Wang Jianman, deputy governor of Zhejiang province, and Hangzhou Mayor Shao Zhanwei, the official Shanghai Daily reported.

The Associated Press said China has a history of praising acts of selflessness and courage to inspire responsibility in an increasingly competitive and sometimes callous society.

Another China Daily report said after the accident, experts reminded the public to be fully aware of the danger of flying objects on expressways.

According to the report, China's road traffic safety law forbids passengers to toss objects from vehicles. Offenders can face a paltry fine of 5-50 yuan ($0.8-$8). For drivers themselves, fines are 20-200 yuan.

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Crowds bid farewell to bus driver Wu Bin as the hearse carrying his body drives to a funeral home in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Monday. Li Zhong / for China Daily

Family grateful for support, but it turns down donations from public
The family of a bus driver who protected his passengers after being critically wounded by flying metal debris declined donations on Monday, as thousands of people gathered at his home and community in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, to show respect.

In an open letter, Wu Bin's family said they were grateful for the large number of people who have shown tremendous love while they grieve the loss of a loved one.

Thousands of people come to the Hangzhou Funeral House in the capital of Zhejiang Province this morning to pay last respects to Wu Bin, a bus driver who managed to save 24 passengers after he was fatally hit by a flying metal.--By Xu Wenwen
Image source :shangaidaily

However, the family said it cannot accept money, materials or donations from the public in any form, since financial aid has poured in following media reports that Wu lived a thrifty life with his parents, wife and a teenage girl.
"We will earn our own living, take care of ourselves and family members and make a good living," the family said.
The driver's sister, Wu Bingxin, also stressed that the family has been well supported by the provincial and city governments, as well as her brother's company.
Wu, 48, was driving a bus carrying 24 passengers on a highway in Jiangsu province on May 29 when he was struck by a flying metal fragment that smashed through the windshield.
Despite having suffered severe injuries, Wu managed to bring the vehicle to a halt and made sure all of the passengers escaped unharmed. He died in a hospital on Friday due to the severe injuries to his liver, ribs and other organs.
On Monday, thousands of people from all over China came to Wu's home and community to say farewell to the hero as his coffin was carried to a funeral home.
Due to the large crowd, police had to cordon off the road between Wu's home and the cemetery, and control the number of people visiting his home. Hundreds of wreaths were placed around his apartment, and banners were hung throughout the community to mourn the loss of a good neighbor and model resident.
When the coffin carrying Wu's body was placed in a hearse and ferried to the funeral home on Monday, the crowd wailed and became immersed in deep sorrow. A local taxi company organized a fleet to follow the hearse to show respect.

Led by police motorcycles and followed by scores of taxies, the hearse carrying the body of Wu Bin, a bus driver who saved 24 passengers after he was fatally hit by flying metal, drives along the street in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, this afternoon to the funeral house. His funeral will be held tomorrow morning

"The heroism of Wu Bin has deeply impressed me, and I can hardly calm down even several days after learning what he has done," said Shen Wei, a junior middle school teacher who brought four students with her to pay a visit to Wu's family during Monday's lunch break. "I hope his spirit of devotion could be learned by my students and spread to other walks of life."
Wu Xinghua, an 84-year-old local resident, came to Wu's home to say goodbye despite her waning health.
Supported by her daughter and grandson, the teary-eyed elderly woman kept saying to journalists that "he is a hero and I want to thank him".
Government leaders, including the provincial Party chief Zhao Hongzhu, also visited Wu's family, who has been granted 500,000 yuan ($79,000) in cash and a downtown apartment by Wu's company and a government-backed foundation.
Police had not announced a cause for the accident by Monday evening, but the initial investigation suggested that the 3.5-kg piece of metal was part of a brake hub that had broken off from another vehicle. 
More than 20 motor vehicles have been traced due to suspicions of being linked to the accident.
SOURCE: China Daily