Samajwadi Party

Samajwadi Party came into existences on 4th October 1992 . Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav was elected party's first president . The Party Vice President is Shri Janeshwar Mishra

Mulayam Singh Yadav has been in politics since 1967. He has been the chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh - 1993-95, and Union Defence Minister 1996-1998.

Other important leaders are Amar Singh, Ram gopal Yadav and Raj Babbar

In the 13th Lok Sabha, it was the 5th largest party with 27 mambers

Samajwadi Party stands for Equality and Prosperity of all. It is deadly against communal forces. Samajwadi Party is in favour of 'Indo Pak Bangladesh Mahasangh'. Party believes in democratic socialism and opposes uncontrolled entry Of Multinational companies to India,

Party believes that Agriculture, Small and Medium scale Industry is the backbone of Indian Economy and hence every assistance should be given to these sectors.