Kurukshetra Magazine Jan 2011 to Mar 2012 (15 Issues)

Download Free  Kurukshetra Magazine Jan 2011 to Mar 2012 (15 Issues)

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Only English version. Hindi issues are not yet available.

Kurukshetra (English) From Jan 2011 to Mar 2012

  1. Kurukshetra (English)January_Year_2011
  2. Kurukshetra (English)February_Year_2011
  3. Kurukshetra (English)March_Year_2011
  4. Kurukshetra (English)April_Year_2011
  5. Kurukshetra (English)May_Year_2011
  6. Kurukshetra (English)June_Year_2011
  7. Kurukshetra (English)July_Year_2011
  8. Kurukshetra (English)August_Year_2011
  9. Kurukshetra (English)September_Year_2011
  10. Kurukshetra (English)October_Year_2011
  11. Kurukshetra (English)November_Year_2011
  12. Kurukshetra (English)December_Year_2011
  13. Kurukshetra (English)January_Year_2012
  14. Kurukshetra (English)February_Year_2012
  15. Kurukshetra (English)March_Year_2012

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Q). What is Kurukshetra Magazine? and why it is important for UPSC IAS exam?

A magazine by Government of India, provides information on Rural Development related issues. Serves as fodder material particularly for Public Administration and also helps in Essay, General studies (Mains) and interview.

Q). How can Subscribe to paper format (Hardcopy) of Kurukshetra Magazine?
Subscription Rates
One year Rs. 100
Two years Rs. 180
Three years Rs. 250
For neighbouring countries by Air Mail Rs. 530 yearly
For European and other countries Rs. 730 yearly.
The Subscription may be sent through crossed Indian Postal Order/Money Order or Bank Draft drawn in favour of the
“ADG(I/C), publications Divisions, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Soochna Bhawan, C.G.O. Complex, New Delhi”.
Include following details

Your name:
Address where you want the magazine to delivered.
Name of Magazine and Medium of Magazine. For example Yojana (Gujarati) or Kurukshetra (Tamil)