How To Prepare For For BPSC BPSC 53rd-55th Preliminary Examination

BPSC, Bihar Public Service Commission is responsible for the recruitment of gazetted officers in various departments in Bihar Government.The Bihar Public Service Commission announced the date for 53rd-55th Common Combined (Main) Competitive Examination, 2012.

The exams will start from 26 May 2012 and will conclude on 14 June 2012. To read the full details of the examination schedule of the BPSC 53rd-55th Common Combined (Main) Competitive Examination, 2012.

 BPSC is known for asking questions which are not in sync with the trend of UPSC civil services exam. However, with the help of our discussion with the successful candidates we have listed following suggestions for the aspirants who want to succeed in this exam, please note that these are additional suggestions for candidates who have been preparing for UPSC Civil Services / CPF / CDSE exams:

  1. Unlike UPSC in which questions from Economics, general science and current affairs are more in comparison of questions from social sciences; BPSC preliminary exam is known for asking questions from old history and national movement.
  2. Whatever topic you study in history make sure that you are studying it with the perspective of Bihar. For example if you are studying National Movement try to find out information on leaders like Rajendra Prasad, Jai Prakash Narayan, Sachidanand Sinha. On the same pattern if you are studying medieval history learn about Shershah and as far as old history is concerned, no need to elaborate that the most illustrious period for Bihar was in the ancient India and it would be better if the aspirants study the topics like Mauraya dynasty, Gupta empire, Buddhism, Jainism in full detail.
  3. Cram the names of persons who held important posts like governor, chief minister, chief justice, advocate general etc. At least three or four questions are asked from these topics.
  4. Find out details of Geography of Bihar, specially trends in irrigation, rivers, main agricultural products, districts of other states bordering the districts of Bihar, State PSUs in Bihar and Central PSUs in Bihar.
  5. In economics study about trends in literacy in Bihar, Human Resource Development plans by the state government, achievements of the state government.
  6. It may sound awkward but I am adding this in the preparation tips. What I want to tell the aspirants is that despite of all the efforts they may not get the expected results or exam may get cancelled as it has been norm with BPSC for last several years. So apply for this exam only if you are ready for such kind of surprises.
  7. Rumors about the leaking of questions are very common in BPSC exams. Aspirants would be better off if they don’t heed on those rumors.

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