[Download] All Issues of Frontline Magazine from 2009-2012 worth Rs.1000 (Free)

This is not PIRACYFrontline Publication itself provides free PDF files, I’m just arranging them in a list.

Frontline Magazine Download Links (2009-2012)

  • Frontline is a current affairs magazine published by The Hindu news-group. Deals with various topics of politics, diplomacy, economy, poverty, Development, international affairs etc.
  • In Civil Service (Mains) Exam-2011, UPSC asked some topics covered in Frontline so I would suggest do read Frontline magazines for 2011-12 cycle for the mains exam.
  • They tend to write articles with heavy leftist ideology but don’t get swayed too much, read everything with open (and balanced) mind.

Year 2012

Year 2011

Year 2010

Year 2009

Recommended Software

Firefox +Downthemall

To download multiple issues at once (say all 2011),
Many of you might be using other software like Internet download manager.

But I would recommend get Firefox Web-browser and then install an addon called Downthemall

Restart Firefox and Now come back to this page and use the Downthemall button to simuatenously download multiple magazine issues

Foxit PDF Reader

While reading a PDF File, you can use this software for pen-highlighter / select and copy text / create bookmarks / add your own notes or commentbox on a pdf file etc.
The Adobe PDF reader has very limited functionality in this regard. Foxit is better, smaller and portable.
Download Installation Version
Download Portable Version

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How did I make this work?

You may be wondering, it’d have taken me 3-5 hours collecting and copy-pasting all these download links for individual Magazine issues from various websites such as UPSCportal. No, it didn’t.
This was only 10 minutes work! How?
A typical download link code for Frontline looks like this
Notice the last digits in above link in “20120323″
2012-03-23 that is the date (End Date for a particular issue).
I extrapolated it for Frontline Archive Page and combined with my impeccable command overRegEx Text-Matching, Autohotkey scripting, andMacro-recording in Notepad++, I generated the list. I haven’t downloaded any issue myself (Limited internet plan) so if there is any particular link not working, do notify.