Commerce Notes of Om Kasera (AIR 17 / CSE 2011)


 Mr.Om Kasera (AIR 17/ CSE 2011), in his infinite awesomeness and generosity, has sent me his Commerce Paper Notes for UPSC Civil Service (Mains) Exam, so that all the aspirants can benefit from it. Download link (ZIP File) at the bottom of this article.
And If I’m not mistaken, he is the only second person in the History of UPSC Toppers, having done this, apart from the Ghanshyam Thori.

For Public Administration Aspirants

Although Commerce is not my optional subject, but I just glanced over these commerce notes out of curiousity and found they’ve the syllabus topics:Organisation Theory and Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.
Organisation Theory and Behaviour also overlaps with the syllabus of Public Administration, therefore, I suggest all the Public Administration aspirants to download and take out the gems as well.
(His Diagrams for Public Administration, uploaded in separate article)

Message of Om Kasera

He said and I quote

These are not some kind of panacea that you will read and become IAS. These were written by me for my preparation that may not work for you. So, use these judiciously and for supplementing your preparation. Also these notes are written as summary of main points related to the topic. So, pls see details in relevant reference books or on internet. I hope that for some of you at least, this will be useful. All the Best to all candidates preparing for CSE. May god be with you all the way.