UPSC Civil Services exam Books & tips for Sociology

Following are the standard books that can be followed for Sociology as mains optional subject:
  • NCERT- 11th and 12th
  • IGNOU material for Sociology (helps in basic understanding and helpful for new topics in paper-2)
  • Sociology-Tom Bottomore
  • Sociology-Michael Haralambos
  • Classical Sociological Theory-George Ritzer
  • Tribal India-Nadeem Hasnain
  • Modernization of Indian Tradition-Yogendra Singh
  • Changing India-Robert Stern
  • Indian sociological thougt- Nagla
  • Social Change in India- M.N.Srinivas

Apart from this, with changing trends in UPSC papers referring to KURUKSHETRA and YOJANA and providing case studies linking answers to present day issues wouls also help.

Regarding coaching and class notes, Upendra Gaurs class notes provide a very good start in terms of what to study and how much depth is required in a particular topic from syllabus. Even Vajiram's Mahapatra has been recommended by a lot of toppers in past.