Solved SBI Clerk Exam 2012 GA Question Paper

Fully Solved SBI Clerk Exam 2012 GA Question Paper of Morning Session and now feel delighted to inform you that we have got the Complete General Awareness Question Paper of Evening Session that were asked in the Evening Session of the SBI Exam on 27th May, 2012.

Students who are going to appear for the exam on 3rd June, 2012 must go through these questions and prepare according to the pattern and nature of questions asked in the exam on 27th May, 2012.

1). Which actress has recently won the National Award for the Best Actress ?

2). Who among the following persons mentioned below is a Singer and an awardee of Padam Shree Award ?

3). In 2011, the 3rd BRICS summit was held at ?

4) G-8 Meeting was recently held at which place ?

5). The recently elected Railway Minister Mukul Roy is from which political party ?

6). One Question is asked on NABARD ?

7). Loans given to Self-help groups (SHG) is called ?

8). Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India ?

9). What does "C" represent in "ECB" ?

10). Who among the following is a Chief Minister of an India State ?

11) Which among the following books in written by Vikram Seth ?

12) Who among the following is the External Affairs Minster of India ?

13) Who among the following represent India in the recently held India-Russia meet ?

14) What is the Current Bank rate as fixed by RBI ?

15) World population day is celebrated every year on ?

16) Which among the following terms in not associated with the game of Cricket ?

17) Which among the following terms in not associated with banking sector

18) Who won the Australian Open 2012 ?

19) What is maximum term of members of Rajya Sabha ?

20) What is the measurement unit of "Work" ?

21) Which among the following schemes is launched by Government of India to upgrade Rural Infrastructure ?

22) Which among the following bank's is also called as " Bankers Bank" ?

23) Who among the following is the Prime Minter of Bangladesh ?

24) Victoria Azarenka of Belarus is associated with which game ?

25) Which among the following cups/ Trophies is associated with the game of Tennis ?

26) 17th SAARC summit was recently held at ?

27) One Question is asked on Railway Budget 2012-The Question is related to hike price hike of railway Classes

28) Who among the following is the present US Secretary of State ?

29) Which among the following countries is not an OPEC member ?

30) Who among the following won the Pulitzer prize 2012 ?

31) Which among the following awards is presented for excellence in the field of Literature ?

32) Which agency regulates micro Finance in India ?

33) As per CENSUS 2011, what is the current Literacy Rate of India ?

34) CRIS is an Railway Information of which country ?

35) Who will be next Army Chief of India ?

36) Why was European Union Evolved ?

37) In order to qualify for 2012 Olympics, Indian Hockey Team had recently defeated which team?

38) In case, the expenditure is greater than Income the difference is called as ?

39) India had recently sold the Nuclear Reactors to which country ?

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