Medical Science General Knowledge

Medical Science
01An infection of the gums involving margin of the teeth with the gum is known asPyorrhoea
02Drugs which reduce tension,anxiety,depression,etc. are known asTranquillizers
03A swelling of the thyroid gland is known asGoitre
04Typhoid fever is caused bySalmonella typhi bacteria
05Plague was also known asBlack death
06AIDS stands forAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
07Diseases which spread by contact are calledContagious diseases
08Scarlet fever is caused byStrepto coccus
09The sterilization technique carried out on men isVasectomy
10The ability of a living creature to resist the attack of diseases is known asImmunity
11How many senses a human being hasFive
12Medical practioners without valid licence are calledQuacks
13In a human baby,teething process starts from the ageSeven months
14A method of treating cancer or tumor growth using chemicals is known asChemotherapy
15Meningitis is caused byNeisseria meningitis
16Tetanus is caused byClostridium tetane
17Leukemia is commonly known asBlood Cancer
18An area of pus formation within the lung is calledLung abscess
19Meningitis is an infection ofHead and spinal cord
20A sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain can cause aStroke
21A hereditary lack of pigment in the skin,hair & eyes is known asAlbinism
22Psoraisis is an inherited disease ofSkin,nails and joints
23A fungus is aMicroscopic plant
24A condition in which both eyes do not point in the same direction is called asSquint
25Short sightdness is also known asMyopia
26Short sightdness isConcave lens
27Long sightdness is also known asHypermetropia
28Long sightdness is corrected by usingConvex lens
29A condition in which one is not able to see both near and distant objects is known asPressbyopia
30Both convex and concave lens is used to correct the eyesight of a person suffering fromPressbyopia
31An inflammation of the thin membrance that covers the black part of the eye is calledConjunctivitis
32Acute conjuctivitis is commonly known asblack eye
33How many bones an adult human body has206
34How many bones an human baby's body has270
35Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known asAneries
36Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known asVeins
37The main artery of the body is theArota
38Skin is the sense organ forTouch
39Eyes are the sense organ forSight
40Nose is the sense organ forSmell
41Tongue is the sense organ forTaste
42Ears are the sense organs forHearing
43Muscles of the heart are calledCardiac muscles
44In a human body,about how many muscles are there650
45A break in the continuity of a bone is called aFracture
46A progressive weakening of muscles is calledMuscular dystrophy
47Damage to a nerve is termd asMeuropathy
48Biceps are the muscles of theArm
49Malaria is transmitted byAnopheles mosquito
50There are how many types of MalariaThree
51BCG stands forBacillus Calmette Guerin
52BCG is a vaccine given for immunization against the diseaseTuberculosis
53DPT is aTriple vaccine
54DPT is effective againstDiphtheria,whooping cough and tetanus
55DPT vaccine is given how many times to childrenThree
56Vaccine against polio is calledPoliomyelitis vaccine
57Vaccine is a liquid containingDilute or dead pathogens
58The first antibiotic discovered byPenicillin
59Spherical shaped bacteria are calledcoccus
60Rod shaped bacteria are calledBacillus
61Spiral shaped bacteria are calledSpirillium
62Comma shaped bacteria are calledVibrio
63The size of a virus is aboutA millionth of a centimeter
64Plague is caused by bacteria which is found inFleas on the bodies of rats
65Dengue fever is also known asBreak-bone fever
66Q fever was first noticed inQueensland
67Anthrax is caused byAnthrax bacillus
68Cholera is caused byVibrio choleral bacteria
69Tetanus is also known asLockjaw disease
70Diptheria is caused byKlebs-loeffler
71Whooping cough is caused byBordella pertussis
72Sex is predicted before the birth of the child by a test calledAmnio centesis
73The outer layer of the skin is calledEpidermis
74The inner layer of the skin is calledDermis
75Over exposure to sun causeSun burn
76LSD stands forLysergic acid Di-ethylamide
77Drugs which produce total unconsciousness are known asGeneral anaesthetics
78Drugs which produce loss of sensation in a small area where the drug is applied are calledLocal anaesthetics
79Drugs which neutralize secretions of the stomach which cause ulcers and acidity are calledAntacids
80ELISA technique is used to detectAIDS
81NMR stands forNuclear Magnetic Resonance
82Teeth are covered by a hard substance calledEnamel
83Insulin is also known asAnti-diabetic hormone
84Insulin deficiency causesDiabetes
85Inflammation of the pancreas is calledPancreatitis
86A normal pregnancy lasts for about40 weeks
87The device which improves one's hearing is calledHearing aid
88Persons who are having blood group O positive are calledUniversal donors
89Persons who are having blood group AB positive are calledUniversal recipients
90Red cells of blood containHaemoglobin
91The formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel is calledThrombosis
92The sex hormone of the male isAndrogen
93The sex hormones of the females areEstrogen and progesterone
94Delivery of more than one baby at a time is called asMultiple pregnancy
95A pregnancy that ends before the 28th week is termed asMiscarriage
96A condition where the lung tissue collapses is known asAtelectasis
97A condition in which the lung tissue loses its elasticity is known asEmphysema
98Pnemonia is an infection of theLungs
99Pus formation in the lung is calledLung abscess
100Bronchiectasis is a disease of the which systemRespiratory
101The colour of the skin is dependant upon a pigment calledMelanin
102Eczema is a disease of theSkin
103A condition wherein the pressure within the eyeball is increased above normal is calledGlaucoma
104The number of teeth in a normal human being are32
105Substances that cause allergy are calledAllergens
106Hay fever is a type ofAllergy
107Leukemia is a disease of theBlood
108Tissue taken from the patient while operation is going on is calledFrozen section
109EEG stands forElectro encephalography
110EEG is used to record the activities of theBrain
111EMG stands forElectromyography
112EMG is used for recording for the activity of theMuscles during contraction
113The x-ray visualisation of a joint is known asArthrography
114A device used to regularise irregular heart beats is calledPace-maker
115A doctor who is a specialist in matters related to the heart and circulatory system is called aCardiologist
116In medical terminology,ENT stands forEar,nose and throat
117A gynaeclogist specialises in matters related toReproductive system
118Copper T is a type of device used forContraception
119A Psychiatrist specialises in matters related toMental disorders
120Typhoid vaccine was invented byAlmorth Writht
121Polio vaccine was invented byJonas Salk
122Contact lenses were invented byA.E.Fick
123Vaccination was invented byEdward Jenner

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