India General knowledge

General knowledge India
01The first multipurpose project in India isDamodar Valley
02The place in North East India which receives the highest annual rainfall isChirrapunji
03The largest Indian river flowing into the Arabian Sea isNarmada
04Indian broadcasting was nationalised in1930
05The Indian forests are divided into how many regionsEight
06The place where Indian Standard time coinsides with local time isAllahabad
07The industry for which Vishakapatnam is famous for isShip Building
08The state which is the largest producer of iron ore in India isKarnataka
09The longest railway platform in India measuring 836.63 mts. is located atKharagpur
10The Indian state which is largest exporter of cashewnut isKerala
11The main occupation of Indians isAgriculture
12Nagarjuna Sagar dam is built across the RiverKrishna
13Madras state was renamed as Tamilnadu in the year1969
14The main industry of Assam isTea Industry
15The Indian state which has maximum number of districts isUttar pradesh
16The length of Indian coastline is7500 kms
17The longest day in India is21st June
18The biggest museum in india isIndian Museum,Calcutta
19The source of river Indus isMount Kailash,Tibet
20Kodaikanal, a famous holiday resort is located inTamilnadu
21Bangalore city is also called theGarden city
22The only place in India where rock salt is found is inMandi,Himachal Pradesh
23The Gandhi Sagar dam is constructed across the riverChambal
24The river that passes through the Thar desert isSindhu
25Nagoor,a place in Tamilnadu,is famous forFamous muslim shrine
26The Hindustan Ship Yard is located atVishakapatnam
27The Indian state that tops in the production of cocoa isKerala
28The first major steel plant established in India wasTata Iron & Steel Co,Jamshedpur
29Crude oil is found in south Gujarat atAnkleshwar
30The first oil well drilled in India was atNaharpong in Assam
31Calcutta is situated on the banks of riverHoogli
32The largest opium growing state in India isUttar Pradesh
33Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd,India's largest manufacturer of penicillin is located atPimpri
34The former name of Arunachal Pradesh wasNEFA
35Khajuraho temples are located atChattarput,M.P.
36The Indian freedom fighter who turned into a famous spiritualist wasAurobindo Ghosh
37The king who installed a `Chain of Justice' outside his place wasJehangir
38The name of the mines in Rajasthas from where we get zinc isZawar
39Singereni in Andhra Pradesh is famous forCoal Mines
40Amaravathi is located on the bank of riverKrishna
41Agra was founded in the year1506
42Ajmer was founded byRaja Ajay Dev Chauhan
43The only Indian state where we find nickel ore isOrissa
44The Udaygiri caves were built byKaravelu
45The strength of Lok Sabha is545 members
46The National Museum of Natural History is located atNew Delhi
47The Indian Prime Minister who nationalised the banks wasMrs.Indira Gandhi
48The birth date of Jawaharlal Nehru is14th November 1889
49The Environment protection Act came into effect in1986
50The capital city founded on the bank of river Gomathi isLucknow
51The president of the Indian National congress at its first session held in 1885 wasWomesh Chandra Banerji
52Bhaskara-II was a famousMathematician
53The Bhopal Gas leak incident occured inDecember 1984
54The city that is called the city of golden Temple isAmritsar
55Traveller Hawkins visited India in the year1608 AD
56Mahadevi Varma won the Jnanpith for her book titledYama
57The headquarters of Oil and Natural Gas Commission is located atDehradun
58Satyartha Prakash'was written bySwami Dayananda Saraswati
59Emperor Akbar's Revenue Minister wasTodarmal
60The elder brother of famous sitarist Ravishankar isUday Shankar,dancer
61The first batsman to score a century in each of his first three tests isMohammed Azharuddin
62The 10th Vice-President of India isKrishan Kant
63The first Chief of Indian Navy wasR.D.Katari
64The longest road in India is theGrand Trunk Road
65The first modern college in India is theFort William college,Calcutta
66The first purely Indian bank is thePunjab National Bank
67Lalit Kala Academy of India is situated atNew Delhi
68The first Indian to win Oscar Award isBhanu Athaiya
69Goa was liberated in the year1961
70Sharda Act was enacted to preventChild Marriage
71National Science day is celebrated on28th February
72Jamnalal Bajaj Awards are given forConstructive work
73Rabindranath Tagore give up his knighthood because of the tragic incident ofJallianwala Bagh massacre
74The Chief minister of a state who was awarded the Bharat Ratna wasM.G.Ramachandran
75Baba Amte's real name isMuralidhar Devidas Amte
76Mihirsen,India's famous long distance swimmer,was by professionAn Advocate
77Dr.Pramod Karan Sethi is famous for theJaipur foot
78Rabindranath Tagore was born atJorasanko,Calcutta
79The name of the school started by Rabindranath Tagore wasShanti Niketan
80Neyveli Thermal Power Station is located inTamil Nadu
81The earlier name of Assam wasKamrup
82Sir C.V.Raman was born atThirunavannikaval
83The Indian Academy of Science was founded byC.V.Raman
84The Indian Academy of Science is located atBangalore
85All India Institute of Medical Science is located atNew Delhi
86Atomic Energy Commission is located atMumbai
87Cement Research Institute of India is located atBalabhgarh
88Space Applications Centre is located atAhmedabad
89Jog falls is located atJog,Karnataka
90Jawaharlal Nehru died in the year1964
91Aurangzeb died in the year1707
92Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan died in the yearFrontier Gandhi
93Rabindranath Tagore died in the year1941
94Mahatma Gandhi died in the year1948
95Zakir Hussein died in the year1969
96Raja Ram Mohan Roy died in the year1833
97India's second Prime Minister wasGulzarilal Nanda
98The first Law Minister of Independent India wasDr.B.R.Ambedkar
99Jawaharlal Nehru's biography "With No Regrets"was written byKrishan Hathisingh
100India's first test tube baby was born inJune 1986
101The leader whose death was announced in the Lok Sabha before his actual death wasJayaprakash Narayan
102The Gold mines located in Andhra Pradesh areRamagiri Gold Fields,Ananthapur district
103The Homeguards were organised in India in the year1962
104Ankleshwar oil field is located inGujarat
105The Indian Prime Minister who wrote the book `Nature Cure'wasMorarji Desai
106Burma seperated from India in the year1937
107`Sea Bird'project is located atKarwar
108The name of the artificial harbour along the west coast India isKandla
109The first medical college was established in India atCalcutta
110Jawaharlal Nehru's mother's name wasSwaroop Rani
111The pin code was introduced in India in the year1972
112In his last years,Ambedkar converted toBuddhism
113Gandhiji's mother's name wasPutli Bai
114Gandhiji was born on2nd October 1869
115Khushwant Singh is a famousJournalist
116The film actor who became the chiefminister of Andhra Pradesh wasN.T.Rama Rao
117Satyajit Ray was awarded the Bharat Ratna in the year1992
118Central Research Institute is located atKasauli
119The movie Raja Harishchandra was released in the year1913
120The first Indian Prime Minister to resign from office wasMorarji Desai
121The largest railway bridge in India isSone Bridge,Bihar
122The largest dome in India is theGol Gumbaz,Bijapur
123Air Force Day is celebrated onOctober 8
124Indian Military Academy is located atDehradun
125The postal department was set up in India in the year1854
126Army day is celebrated on21st Century
127Navy day is celebrated on4th December
128The national flower of India isLotus
129NABARD was established in the year1982
130Koradi Thermal power Station is located atMaharashtra
131PTI stands forPress Trust of India
132Rail Coach Factory is located atKapurthala
133The construction of India was adopted on26-11-1949
134The construction of India became effective on26-1-1950
135`Mrinalini'was written byBankim chandra Chatterjee
136Bhagat Singh was hanged in the year1931
137Sheik Abdulla was popularly known asSher-e-Kashmir
138Goa attained statehood on30 May 1987
139Gujarat attained statehood on1 May 1960
140Haryana attained statehood on1 November 1966
141The capital of Haryana isChandigarh
142Panipat is popularly known asWeaver City
143Dal lake is located inJammu and Kashmir
144Madhya Pradesh attained statehood onNovember 1956
145The capital of Madhya Pradesh isBhopal
146Manipur attained statehood on21st January 1972
147The capital of Manipur isImphal
148Meghalaya attained statehood on21st January 1972
149The capital of Meghalaya isShillong
150Meghalaya state was carved out ofAssam
151Mizoram attained statehood on20th February 1987
152The capital of Mizoram isAizawl
153Before attaining statehood,Mizoram was one of the districts ofAssam
154Nagaland attained statehood on1 December 1963
155The capital of Nagaland isKohima
156Orissa was earlier known asKalinga
157The capital of Orissa isBhubaneshwar
158The main airport of Orissa is located atBhubaneshwar
159Rajasthan attained statehood in the year1958
160The capital of Rajasthan isJaipur
161The capital of Sikkim isGangtok
162India's highest peak is theKanchenjunga
163Mount Abu, a famous hill station is located atRajasthan
164The main attraction of Mount Abu are theDilwara Jain Temples
165Hussain Sagar Lake is located atHyderabad
166The Samadhi of Gandhiji is known asRajghat
167The Samadhi of Gandhiji is located on the bank of riverYamuna
168The largest state in India isMadhya Pradesh
169The highest TV tower in India is located atNew Delhi
170The most literate state in India isKerala
171Golconda Fort is located nearHyderabad
172Gateway of India is located atMumbai
173Buland Darwaza is located atFatehpur Sikri
174Badrinath is located atUttar Pradesh
175Elephanta Caves are located on an island nearMumbai
176Ajanta caves are located nearAurangabad
177Humayu's tomb is located atNew Delhi
178Jantar Mantar is located inNew Delhi
179Jantar Mantar is anObservatory
180Jantar Mantar was constructed byMaharaja Jai Singh II
181Mughal Gardens is located atNew Delhi
182Qutb-Minar is located atNew Delhi
183Rashtrapati Bhawan was built byEdwin Lutyens
184The samadhi of Indira Gandhi is known asShakti Sthal
185The Tower of Victory is located atChittoor
186Victoria Memorial is located atCalcutta
187The highest airfield of India is theChushul airfield,Ladakh
188The largest lake of India is theWular lake,Kashmir
189The largest Zoo of India is theZoological Garden,Calcutta
190The most populated state of India isUttar Pradesh
191Central Bureau of Investigation was formed in1963
192BSF stands forBorder Security Force
193ITBP stands forIndo-Tibetan Border Police
194The actual name of Mother Teresa wasAgnes Gonxha Bejaxhiu
195A programme launched by Chandrababu Naidu,Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, to clean the city of Hyderabad was namedJanmabhoomi
196Vajpayee Government was sworn in for the second time on19 march, 1998
197Miss World 1997 contest was held atSeychelles
198The Miss World 1997 title was won byDiana Hayden
199The Miss World 1996 Contest was held atBangalore
200Mother Teresa died on5 September 1997
201Bill Gates visited India inMarch 1997
202The Carnatic volalist who won the Bharat Ratna Award wasM.S.Subbulakshmi
203The first musician to get the Bharat RatnaM.S.Subbulakshmi
204Kerala attained statehood on1st November 1956
205Sahar airport is located atMumbai
206Dum Dum airport is located atCalcutta
207The first ever railway train travelled fromBombay-Thane
208The only Indian metro railway system is atCalcutta
209Air India was formed in1946
210Indian Airlines was formed in1953
211Indira Gandhi airport is located atDelhi
212Meenambakkam airport is located atChennai
213The Export-Import Bank of India is also known asEXIM Bank
214The Navy Academy is located atCochin
215In 1983,Bharat Ratna was posthumously awarded toAcharya Vinoba Bhave
216Mrs.Indira Gandhi was assassinated on31-10-1984
217Mr.Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on21-5-1991
218The strength of Rajya Sabha is250
219The supreme commander of Army,Navy and Airforce is thePresident
220The Chairman of the Lok Sabha is theSpeaker
221Pong dam is located inPunjab
222The fastest train in India is theShatabdi Express
223The oldest refinery in India is theDigboi refinery
224The largest refinery of India is theIOC Refinery at Koyah,Gujarat
225The Bhakra dam is built across the RiverSutlej
226The first General Elections were held in India in the year1952
227The first engineering college established in India is theThompson college,Roorkee
228The first library established in India is theWilliam Carey library,Serampore
229The oldest english daily newspaper of India isThe Times of India
230The largest post office in India is theGPO,Mumbai
231The largest prison in India is theTihar Central Jail,Delhi
232The first Indian state formed on linguistic basis after Independence wasAndhra Pradesh
233The largest cave temple in India isEllora
234The only diamond producing area in India isPanna Diamond Belt,M.P.
235The biggest public sector bank in India is theState Bank of India
236Reserve Bank of India was established in1935
237The oldest tree in India is theMonus Serrata at Joshimutt
238The first Education Minister of free India wasMaulana Abul Kalam Azad
239Who is known as the Father of Indian industryJamshedji Tata
240Gandhiji was assassinated byNathuram Godse
241VDIS was launched onJuly 1, 1997

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