Homeschooling is only regular in a handful of countries throughout the world, whereas most places it is considered strange and against cultural norms.

The United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are the only countries in which homeschooling is not considered out of the ordinary, while other countries such as Germany have outlawed the practice completely!

Why would Germany do this? Their primary reason is to ensure that Germany does not lag behind other countries when it comes to the education of their youth.

However, the act has sparked sharp controversy. Those who oppose the mandate are usually arguing against it out of religious beliefs, and the expectation that the state will not properly instill proper religious teachings.

However, in a landmark court decision it was decided that by parents homeschooling their children they are depriving them of the social norms of society and therefore it should be illegal, forcing every student to be taught by the German government. Tell us, do you think this law is correct?