UPSC Civil Services exam Books & tips for History

History has been one of the 'most popular' optional subjects for mains. If you are not intimidated by the big syllabus, this subject has following advantages:
  • Easier to grasp,
  • No dearth of study material and
  • Covers an important segment of General Studies paper on account of overlapping themes.

The books with star(*) mark are standard and must. Other books are supplementary.

Basic Material: NCERT and Agnihotri.*

Ancient History
  1. Early India – Romilla Thaper*
  2. Ashoka and Decline of Mauryan Empire – Romilla Thaper
  3. Ancient India – D.N. Jha*
  4. Ancient India – V.D.Mahajan
  5. South Indian History – Nilakanta Sastry*
  6. The wonder that was India- AL Basham*
  7. Ancient India – R.C.Mazumdar
Medieval India
  1. Advanced study in the history of Medieval India – JL Mehta ( 3 parts)*
  2. Medieval India- Satish Chandra ( 2 Parts)*
  3. The Sultanate of Delhi – A L Srivastava*
  4. The Mughal Empire - A L Srivastava*
  5. The wonder that was India- Rizvi
Modern India
  1. Modern India – Grover & Grover
  2. India's Struggle for freedom – Bipin Chandra*
  3. Modern India – Sumit Sarkar*
  4. Social background of Indian History – A R Desai
World History
  1. Europe since the French Revolution – L. Mukherjee*
  2. IGNOU material