first in the world

"first in the world in different field's"

* First country to start Civil Services Competition---China

* First deaf and dumb to cross the Srait of Gibraltar---Taranath Shenoy (India)

* First country to win the world cup Football--Uruguay (1930)

* First double amputee to scale Mt. Everest--Mark Inglis

* First duly elected woman President of an African Country--Allen Johnson Sirleaf of liberia

* First eldest man to climb Mt. Event--Richard Wass

* First European Invader of Indian soil--Alexander, The Great

* First European to visit China-- Marco Polo

* First Governor General of Pakistan--Mohammed Ali Jinnah

* First Hindu Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court-- Justice Rana Bhagwan Das

* First man to compile Encyclopaedia--Aspheosis (Athens)

* First man to draw the map of earth-- Anexemander

* First man to go into space--Major Yuri Gagarin (USSR)

* First man to reach South Pole--Ronald Amundsen

* First man to set foot on the Moon-- Nell Armstrong (U.S.A)

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