Fastest Method to Multiply Two Digit Numbers : Math Tricks

Math tricks saves time and saving time in computing the usual multiplication is very important for exams which try to not only judge an aspirants knwoledge of elementary maths , but also how fast can he compute.This time the math tricks is for multiplication of two digit numbers whose unit place if added sums up to 10and the 10th place is same number. For example , 15 x15 or 37 x33 or 97 x 93.

The math trick

Say we want to know the multiplication of 97 x93
Step 1 : Multiply units place = 7 x 3= 21
Step 2: Add 1 to one 10th place number and multiply with another 10th placed number = (9 + 1) x 9= 90
Step 3: Place each number in step 1 and Step 2 together = 9021

Another example of this Math Tricks is given below


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