The Famous Abbreviations

AADCPASEAN Australia Development Cooperation
AADCPASEAN Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme
AADCP-RPSASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Programme Regional Partnership Scheme
AAECPASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme
AAFASEAN Automotive Federation
AAMASEAN Airlines Meeting
AAPSIPASEAN-Australia Postharvest System Improvement Programme
AARNETASEAN-AVRDC Regional Network for Vegetable Research and Development
AASROCAsian-African Sub-Regional Organizations Conference
ABACASEAN Business Advisory Council
ABAPASTAdvisory Body on ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology
ABASFAdvisory Body of the ASEAN Science Fund
ABFASEAN Business Forum
ACBCASEAN – China Business Council
ACBCAFTA – CER Business Council
ACCICGAFTA-CER CEP Implementation and Coordination Group
ACCORDASEAN and China Cooperative Operations in Response to Dangerous Drugs
ACCSMASEAN Conference on Civil Service Matters
ACCSQASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality
ACCTCASEAN Coordinators of Customs Training Centre
ACDMASEAN Committee on DIsaster Management
ACEASEAN Centre for Energy
ACEASEAN Committee on Education
ACECAASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement
ACEDACASEAN Centre for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives
ACFASEAN Cultural Fund
ACFTAASEAN-China Free Trade Area
ACJCCASEAN-China Joint Cooperation Committee
ACPASEAN Cooperation Plan
ACSOCASEAN-China Senior Officials Consultation
ACTCASEAN Center for Combating Transnational Crime
ACTDASEAN Common Technical Dossiers
ACTSASEAN Cargo Transport Study
ACTRsASEAN Common Technical Requirements
ACTTASEAN Communication Team for Tourism
ACWASEAN Committee on Women
ACWGDCASEAN-China Working Group on Development Cooperation
ADBASEAN Development Bank
ADCFASEAN Development Cooperation Forum
ADCGASEAN Datacom Coordinating Group
ADGICMASEAN Directors-General of Immigration Departments and Consular Affairs Division
ADPCASEAN Agriculture Development Planning Centre
ADPCASIAN Disaster Preparedness Centre
AEBFASEAN Energy Business Forum
AECASEAN Economic Community
AEEAPASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan
AEEMTRCASEAN-EC Energy Management Training and Research Centre
AEGASEAN Experts Group
AEGCDASEAN Expert Group on Communicable Diseases
AEGDMASEAN Expert Group on Disaster Management
AEGFSAdhoc Expert Group on Food Safety
AEGMASEAN Experts Group on Minerals
AEICASEAN Earthquake Information Centre
ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Meeting
ASEAN-European Community Management Centre
AEMECASEAN Economic Ministers on Energy Cooperation
AEMMASEAN-European Union Ministerial Meeting
AENRICASEAN Environmental and Natural Resources Information Centre
AEPASEAN Environmental Partnership
AERISRPASEAN Plus Three Emerging and Resurging Infections Surveillance and Response Programme
ASEAN Emergency Rice Reserve
ASEAN Environment Year
ASEAN Foundation
AFASASEAN Framework Agreement on Services
AFCASEAN Food Conference
AFDMASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies
AFDM-WGASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies Working Group
AFEECASEAN Forum on Energy and Efficiency and Conservation
ASEAN Fisheries Federation
ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Association
ASEAN Food Handling Bureau
ASEAN Federation of Mining Associations
ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting
ASEAN Forum on Coal
ASEAN Forest Product Industry Club
ASEAN Fisheries Postharvest Technology Centres
ASEAN Food Security Information System
ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board
AFTAASEAN Free Trade Area
ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries
ASEAN Business/Economic Graduate Programme
ASEAN Agricultural Hazards Early Warning System
ASEAN Heads of Investment Agencies
ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting
Asian Harm Reduction Network
Animal Health and Production Information System in ASEAN
AHPRASEAN Declaration on Heritage Parks and Reserves
AHSOMASEAN Heads of Statistical Offices Meeting
AHTNASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature
AIAASEAN Investment Area
ASEAN-India Business Council
ASEAN Insurance Commisioner
ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Scheme
ASEAN-India Digital Archive Project
AIDABAustralian International Development Assistance Board
ASEAN Institute Forest Management
ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization Fact Finding Committee to Combat the Drug Menace
ASEAN-India Economic Linkage Task force
ASEAN Information Infrastructure
ASEAN-India joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee
AIJVASEAN Industrial Joint Venture
AIMSASEAN Interconnection Masterplan Study
AIPAASEAN Intellectual Property Association
AIPOASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization
AIRASEAN Investment Report
AIRMASEAN Insurance Regulators Meeting
ASEAN Institute of Technology
ASEAN Insurance Regulators Meeting
ASEAN-Japan Committee on Comprehensive Economic Partnership
AJCEPASEAN-Japan Closer Economic Partnership
AJCEPEGASEAN-Japan Closer Economic Partnership Expert Group
AJCGMASEAN-Japan Consultative Group Meeting
AJDFASEAN-Japan Development Fund
AJSTDASEAN Journal for Science and Technology Development
AJUTASEAN-Japan Urban Transportation
AKECOPASEAN-Korea Environment Cooperation
ALIAASEAN Legal Information Authority
ALMMASEAN Labour Ministers Meeting
AMAFASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Forestry
AMBDCASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation
AMCAASEAN Ministers Responsible for Culture and Arts
AMCAustralian Managing Contractor
AMCsASEAN Member Countries
AMEICCAEM-MITI Economic and Industrial Cooperation committee
AMEMASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting
AMGAlliance for Mutual Growth
AMMASEAN Ministerial Meeting
AMMEASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the Environment
AMMHASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Haze
AMMTCASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime
AMMSTASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology
AMOASEAN Macroeconomic Outlook
AMRDPEASEAN Ministers on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication
AMRIASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information
AMRI-TWCASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information Technical Working Group
AMRSWASEAN Ministers Responsible for Social Welfare
AMSATAustralian Marince Science and Technology Pty. Limited
AMSTASEAN Ministers for Science and Technology
ANDINASEAN Newsletter on Disaster Management Information Network
ANEXASEAN News Exchange
ANWRAASEAN Network of Water Resource Agencies
ANZECASEAN-New Zealand Economic Cooperation Programme
ANZCERTAAustralia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
ANZECPASEAN-New Zealand Economic Cooperation Programme
ASEAN-New Zealand Joint Management Committee
Asia-Oceania Network on Biological Science
ASEAN Port Authorities Association
ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation
Asia Pacific Council on AIDS Service Organization
APBSDASEAN Policy Blueprint for SME Development
APCSASEAN Promotional Centre on Information, Culture and Tourism in Seoul
ASEAN Promotional Chapters for Tourism
ASEAN Poultry Disease Research and Training Center
APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APERCAsia Pacific Energy Research Centre
APHCNASEAN Plant Helath Cooperation Network
ASEAN-Pakistan Joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee
ASEAN Project for Regional Integration Support
ASEAN Poultry Research and Training Centre
ASEAN Research Centre
ARCBCASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation
ARCSTCASEAN-Russia Commission on Scientific and Technological Cooperation
ARDCMRASEAN Regional Development Centre for Mineral Resources
ARFASEAN Regional Forum
ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-Sessional Meeting on Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime
ASEAN ISP Association
ASEAN Regional Internet Exchange
ASEAN Regional Programme in Disaster Management
ASEAN Russia Working Group on Trade, Economic Cooperation
ASEAN Rural Youth Development Centre
ASAPAIDS Society of Asia Pacific
ASAPASEAN Services Access Platform
ASCASEAN Security Community
ASCASEAN Standing Committee
ASCCASEAN Socio-cultural Community
ASCHNASEAN Sub-Committee on Health and Nutrition
ASCLAASEAN Sub-Committee on Labour Affairs
ASCOEASEAN Sub-Committee on Education
ASEAN Council on Petroleum
ASEAN Surveillance Coordinating Unit
ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry
ASEAN Tourism Association
ASEAN Europe Meeting
ASEAN Subregional Environment Programme
ASEAN Science Fund
ASEAN Senior Finance Officials Meeting
ASEAN Shrimp Industry Task Force
ASLOMASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting
ASLOMASEAN Senior Law Officials Meeting
ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre
ASEAN Network for Environment Management
ASEAN Network for Rapid Exchange of Strong Earthquake Data
ASEAN Senior Officials on Drugs
ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment
ASEAN Senior Officials on Forestry
ASOMMASEAN Senior Official Meeting on Minerals
ASPASEAN Surveillance Process
ASEAN Sub-Regional Programme for the Fifth Cycle
ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on the Environment
ASTICKASEAN Science and Technology Community for Innovation, Competitiveness and Knowledge
ASTNETASEAN Science and Technology Information Network
ASTUASEAN Surveillance Technical Support Unit
ASTWASEAN Science and Technology Week
ASWASEAN Sub-Committee on Women
ASWGFiASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Fisheries
ASWGLASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Livestock
ASYASEAN Sub-Committee on Youth
ASQPASEAN Standards and Quality Programme
ATCASEAN Traffic Control
ATFASEAN Tourism Forum
ATFIASEAN Tourism Forum
ATFSSNASEAN Task Force on Social Safety Net
ATICASEAN Tourism Information Centre
ATMASEAN Transport Ministers
ATRCASEAN Telecommunication Regulators’ Council
ATSAmphetamine-Type Stimulants
ATTCASEAN Timber Technology Centre
ATTENASEAN Tourism Training and Education Network
AUNASEAN University Network
AUN BOTASEAN University Network Board of Trustee
AUNILOASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online
AUNPASEAN-EU University Network Programme
AUNQUANETASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Network
AUSAIDAustralian Agency for International Development
AVDRCASEAN Vegetable Development and Research Center
AVISTASEAN Virtual Institute of Science and Technology
AVOCASEAN Vegetable Oils Club
AWGASMEASEAN Working Group on ASEAN Seas and Marine Environment
AWGATEASEAN Working Group on Agriculture and Training Extention
AWGCMASEAN Working Group on Custom Matters
AWGCMEASEAN Working Group on Coastal and Marine Environment
AWGEEASEAN Working Group on Environmental Economics
AWGEIPAEASEAN Working Group on Environmental Information, Public Awareness and Education
AWGEMASEAN Working Group on Environment Management
AWGMEAASEAN Working Group on Multilateral Environment Agreement
AWGNCASEAN Working Group on Nature Conservation
AWGNCBASEAN Working Group on Nature Conservation and Biodiversity
AWGTCPASEAN Working Group on Technical Cooperation in Pharmaceuticals
AWGTMASEAN Working Group on Tax Matters
AWGTPASEAN Working Group on Transboundary Pollution
AWPASEAN Women’s Programme
AYDMASEAN Youth Day Meeting
BAAICBasic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial Complementation
BCJBuilders-Carpentry and Joineries
BFABilateral Payment Arrangement
BBCBrand-to-Brand Complementation
BIMP-EAGABrunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malysia-Philippines Aast ASEAN Growth Area
BISSBiodiversity Information Sharing System
BSABilateral Swap Agreements
CAASChina Academy of Agricultural Sciences
CAMMYChina-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth
CARAMCoordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility
CARDCentre for ASEAN Agriculture Research and Development Database
CATCCivil Aviation Training Centre
CCCACoordinating Committee on the Implementation of the CEPT for AFTA
CCECCoordinating Committee on Electronic Commerce
CCFACCodex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants
CCFICSCodex Committee on Food Import and Export
CCFLCodex Committee on Food Labeling
CCFOCodex Committee on Fats and Oils
CCGPCodex Committee on General Principle
CCIChamber of Commerce and Industry
CCICoordinating Committee on Investment
CCSCoordinating Committe on Services
CDCCooper Development Center
CDMClean Development Mechanism
CEDAWConvention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Woman
CEPCloser Economic partnership
CEPTCommon Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme
CERCloser Economic Relations
CERTsComputer Emergency Response Teams
CGMConsultative Group Meetings
C&ICriteria and Indicators
CIDACanadian International Development Agency
CITESConvention on International Trade Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CLMCambodia, Laos, Myanmar
CLMVCambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam
CLPlassification, Labeling and Packaging
CMIChiang Mai Inisiative
CNS/ATMCommunication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management
COCICommittee on Culture and Information
COECertificate of eligibiltiy
COFABCommittee on Finance and banking
COFAFCommittee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry
COIMECommittee on Industry, Minerals and Energy
COPConference of Parties
COSDCommittee on Social and Development
COSTCommittee on Science and Technology
COTACCommittee on Transportation and Communication
COTTCommittee on Trade and Tourism
CPMSCooperative Programme on Marine Science
CRCConvention on the Right of Children
CRISPCenter for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing
CRMCustoms Reforms and Modernisation
CSUCoordination and Support Unit
CTICommitte on Trade and Investment
CZERMPCoastal Zone Environmental and Resources Management Project
DGICMDirectors-General of Immigration and Consular Matters
DIPsDetailed Implementation Plans
DOTSDirectly-Observed Treatment, Short Course
EAECEast Asia Economic Caucus
EAEFEC-ASEAN Energy Facility
EAERREast Asia/ ASEAN Rice Reserve System
EAFEast Asian Forum
EAIEnterprise for ASEAN Integration
EASGEast Asia Study Group
EAP-APEnvironmental Assessment Programme for Asia and the Pacific
EAVGEast Asia Vision Group
EAWGE-ASEAN Working Group
EBUEurope Broadcasting Union
ECEuropean Commission
ECAPASEAN-EC Patents and Trademarks System
ECCMExperts Committee on Custom Matters
EC-IIPEuropean Community International Investment Partner
ECIPEuropean Community Investment Partner Scheme
ECOEconomic Cooperation Organization
ECOPSEnvironmental Cooperation Project Steering COmmittee
ECUEuropean Currency Union
EDPExecutive Development Programme
EEEnvironmental Education
EE&C-SSNEnergy Efficiency and Conservation-Subsector Network
EGExpert Group
EGATElectricity Generating Authority of Thailand
EGIMExperts Group Meeting on Immigration Matters
EIBEuropean Investment Bank
EIPEnvironmental Improvement Project
EIPAEuropean Institute of Public administration Programme
ELTOEnglish Language Training for Officials
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMTCEnergy Management Training Courses
ENRAEnvironmental and Natural Resources Accounting
EPGEminent Persons Group
EPGGEnergy Policy Governing Group
EPOEuropean Patent Office
EPSAPEnergy Policy and System Analysis Project
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESCEnvironmentally Sustainable Cities
ESCAPUN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESSPAEnergy Supply Security Planning in the ASEAN
EUEuropean Union
EVSLExperts Group on early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization
FANSFuture Air Navigation System
FASCFederation of ASEAN Shippers Councils
FASAFederation of ASEAN Shipowners’ Association
FASIDJapan Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development
FCGFisheries Consultative Group
FDIForeign Direct Investment
FDRSFire Danger Rating System
FDSFeasibility Design Stage
FGRIDForest Genetic Resource Information Database
FIFSTAFederation of International Food Science and Technology Associations
FIQCFish Inspection and Quality Control
FMDFoot and Mouth Disease
FOCPFFuture-Orieted Cooperation Projects Fund
FPTFish Product Technology
FSDPsFull Scale Demonstration Projects
FSMPFire Supression Mobilization Plan
GAPGood Agricultural Practice
GATSGeneral Agreement on Trade in Services
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariff and Trade
GMOsGenetically Modified Organism
GMSGreater Mekong Subregion
GMPGood Manufacturing Practices
GRAsGenetic Reource Areas
GRSPGlobal Road Safety Partnership
GSPGeneral System of Preference
HACCPHazard Analysis Critical Control Points
HAPUAHeads of ASEAN Power Utilities / Authorities
HLTFHigh Level Task Force
HONLEAHeads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies
HPAHanoi Plan of Action
HPGHaze Prevention Group
HRDHuman Resource Development
HIV/AIDSHuman Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
HRDMHuman Resources Development and Management
HSHarmonized System
HTTFHaze Technical Task Force
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAECCIndia-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Committee
IAIInitiative for ASEAN Integration
IAPsImmediate Action Plans
IATEPInter-ASEAN Technical Exchange Programme
IBRSInternational Business Reply Services
ICAOInternation Civil Aviation Organization
ICGFIInternational Consultative Group on Food Irradiation
ICLARMInternational Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Development
ICMSFInternational Commission on Microbiological Specification for Foods
ICPInternational Comparison Programme
ICPMInternational Committee on Phytosanitary Measures
ICTSDInformation and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
IDCFIAI Development Cooperation Forum
IDEAInitiative for Development in East Asia
IDPASInstitutional Development for ASEAN Secretariat
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IFIsInternational Financial Institutions
IFFIntergovernmental Forum on Forests
IILPInter-Institutional Linkages Programme
IIPInternational Investment Position
ILOInternational Labour Organization
ILSInstrument Landing System
ILSIInternational Life Sciences Institute
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMT-GTIndonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle
INTAInternational Trademark Association
IOMInternation Organization for Migration
IPIntellectual Property
IPDInformation Preparation and Dissemination
IPMIntegrated Pest Management
IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IRSIndian Remote Sensing
ISEASInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies
ISG-CBMIntersessional Support Group on Confidence-Building Measures
ISM-CTTCInter-sessional Meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime
ISROIndian Space Research Organization
ISISInstitute of Strategic and International Studies
ISOInetrnational Standard Organization
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISQAPIndustrial Standards and Quality Assurance Programme (ASEAN-EC Programme)
ITBInternationale Tourisme Bourse
ITSIntelligent Transport System
ITTOInternational Tropical Timber Organization
ITWGInterim Technical Working Group
IUEPIntegrated Urban Energy Planning
IWRMIntegrated Water Resources Management
JACPPJapan-ASEAN Cooperation Promotion Programme
JAEPJapan-ASEAN Exchange Project
JAFTAJapan-ASEAN Finance Technical Assistance
JAGEFJapan-ASEAN General Exchange Fund
JATAJapan Association of Travel Agents
JBICJapan Bank for International Cooperation
JCCJoint Consultative Committee
JCMJoint Consultative Meeting
JETROJapanese Exetrnal Trade Organisation
JLSAPJoint Linkages Appraisal Panel
JMCJoint Management Committee
JPCJoint Planning Committee
JPC-SCJoint Planning Committee to the Sub-Committee
JPMCJoint Planning and Monitoring Committee
JPRCJoint Planning and Review Committe
JSTCJoint Science and Technology Committee
KAISTKorean Advance Institute of Science and Technology
KDIKorean Development Institute
KIETKorea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
KMAKorean Metereology Administration
KOICAKorea International Cooperation Agency
KOTFAKorean World Travel Fair
KOTRAKorea Trade Promotion Corporation
KNTCKorea National Tourism Corporation
KRIBBKorean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology
LBILegally Binding Instrument
LCRLiving Coastal Resources
LINKSLegal Information Network System
LTIIRLand Transport Infrastructure Integration Roadmap
M-ATMMeeting of the ASEAN Tourism Ministers
MBDSMekong Basin Disease Surveilance
MCManagement Committee
MCMMultinational Cultural Mission
MEAsMultilateral Environment Agreements
METIMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industri
MFRDMarine Fisheries Research Department
MFNMost Favoured Nation
MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry
MLSMicrowave Landing System
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MRAsMutual Recognition Arrangements
MRLsMaximum Residue Limits
MT-NITMultimodal Transport and New Information Technology
MUMinisterial Understanding
NACANetwork of Aquaculture Centre in Asia and Pacific
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Area
NASDANational Space Development Agency
NBRUsNational Biodiversity Refernce Units
NCSWNational Council on Social Welfare
NECTECNational Electronics and Computer Technology Center
NERICNational Environment Resource Information Centers
NFPNational Forest Programme
NFPWGNational Focal Point Working Group
NGOsNon-Governmental Organizations
NGUTNatural Gas Utilization in Transport
NHAPsNational Haze action Plans
NIIsNational Information Infrastructure
NIITNational Institute of Information Technology
NRSENew and Renewable Sources of Energy
NTBsNon-Tariff Barriers
NTOsASEAN National Tourism Organizations
NTTCCsNational Transit Transprot Coordinating Committees
NWSNuclear Weapon States
ODAOfficial Development Assistance
ODSOzone Depleting Substances
OECDOrganization for Economic Co-operation Development
OHIMOffice for Harmonization in the Internal Market
OIEOrganisation Internationale des Epizootics
OPCVOverseas Project Corporation of Victoria
OSHNETASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network
OWPOverall Working Plan
PACProject Advisory Committee
PACProject Appraisal Committee
PCAPost Clearance Audit
PCCProject Coordinating Committee
PDDProject Design Document
PEMPolicy Exchange Mechanism
PIDSPhilippine Institute for Development Studies
PITOPrivate Investment Trade Opportunities
PIWPPolicy Implementation and work Programme
PLANTIPlant Quarantine and Training Institute
PLWHAPeople Living with HIV/AIDS
PMCPost Ministerial Conferences
POATCProgram of Action in Transportation and Communication
POESPolar Orbiting Environment Satellite
PRAPest Risk Analysis
PRESSEAPromotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Southeast Asia
PROMEECPromotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation
PROSEAPlant Resources on Southeast Asia
PSCProject Steering Committee
PTAPreferential Trading Arrangement
QASAFQuality Assurance Systems for ASEAN Fruits
QRsQuantitative Restrictions
RBAAIJVRevised Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial joint Ventures
RCCRFRegionalization of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
RCICMRegional Training Course on Integrated COastal Management
RCPResearch Priorities Committee
R & DResearch and Development
RETARegional Technical Assistance
RETA PMURETA’s Project Management Unit
RHAPRegional haze Action Plan
RODRegional Ocean Dynamics
ROKRepublic of Korea
ROORules of Origin
RPSRegional Partnership Scheme
RTBRadio Television Brunei
RTDResearch and Technological Development
RTPRegional Training Programme
SAEISoutheast Asian Environment Initiative
SARSearch and Rescue
SAREXSearch and Rescue Exercise
SARSSevere Acute Respiration Syndrome
SAARCSouth Asia Association for Regional Cooperation
SCBSub-Committee on Biotechnology
SCFSpecial Cooperation Fund
SCFSTSub-Committee on Food Science and Technology
SCIRDSub-Committee on Science and Technology Infrastructure and
Resources Development
SCMGSub-Committee on Meteorology and geophysics
SCMITSub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology
SCMSSub-Committee on Marine Science
SCMSTSub-Committee on Materials Science and Technology
SCNCERSub-Committee on Non-Conventional Energy Research
SCSTASub-Committee on Space Technology Application
SCOTSub-Committee on Tourism
SDISelective Dissemination of Information
SoEState of the Environment
SEAFDECSouth East Asia Fisheries Development Centre
SEA HDRSoutheast Asian Human Development Report
SEAMEOSoutheast Asian Ministers on education Organization
SEANWFZSoutheast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
SEOMSenior Economic Officials Meeting
SMESSmall and Medium-Scale Enterprises
SoERState of the Environment Report
SFMSustainable Forest Management
SHSSender-Keeper Management
SKRLSingapore-Kunming Rail Link
SLSensitive List
SLOASuplementary Letters of Agreement
SLOMSenior Labour Officials Meeting
SMCESmall and Medium-size Cultural Enterprise and Industry
SMEsSmall and Medium enterprises
SMEWGSMEs Agencies Working Group
SOMSenior Officials Meeting
SOM-ISenior Officials Meeting on Investment
SOMESenior Officials Meeting on Energy
SOMECSenior Officials Meeting on Energy Cooperation
SOME-METISenior Officials Meeting on Energy – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
SOMHDSenior Officials Meeting on Health Development
SOMRDPESenior Officials Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication
SOMSWDSenior Officials Meeting Social Welfare and Development
SOMTCSenior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime
SOMTISenior Officials Meeting on Trade and Investment
SOMYSenior Officials Meeting on Youth
SPAEStrategic Plan of Action and the Environment
SPCSouth Pacific Commission
SPFSouth Pacific Forum
SPSSanitary and Phytosanitary
SRCRSub-Regional Climate Review
SRFASub-Regional Firefighting Arrangement
SSNSocial Safety Nets
S&TScience and Technology
STOMSenior Transport Officials Meeting
TACTreaty of Amity and Cooperation
TAGPTrans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline Project
TCDCTechnical Cooperation Among Developing Countries
TEDITrade Electronic Data Interchange
TELTemporary Exclusion List
TELSOMTelecommunication Senior Officials Meeting
TELMINTelecommunication Ministers Meeting
TEMICTelecommunications Executive Management Institute
TFGRTransport Facilitation of Goods Roadmap
TIFATrade and Investment Framework Agreement
TIPPTrade and Investment Promotion Programme
TISIThai Industrial Standard Institute
TNCTrade Negotiating Committee
TNGTrade Negotiating Group
TORTerms of Reference
TPASTechnology Promotion and Assistance Services
TQMCTotal Quality Management Control
TREATITrans-Regional EU-ASEAN Trade Initiative
TRIPsTrade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TROPMEDTropical Medicine and Public Health
TTCBTransit Transport Coordinating Board
TWG1Technical Working Group on Standards and Conformance
TWG2Technical Working Group on Conformity Assessment
TWG3Technical Working Group on Testing, Calibration and Laboratory
TQMTotal Quality Management
UAPUnprocessed Agricultural Products
UNCSDUnited Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDCPUnited Nations International Drug Control Programme
UNDESAUnited Nations Departments for Economic and Social Affairs
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEPUnited Nations Environmental Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNICEFUnited Nations International Children Education Fund
UN-ODCUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UNTAETUnited Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor
UNSDUnited Nations Statistics Division
US-AEPUnited States Asian Environmental Partnership
US-EIPUnited States Environmental Improvement Programme
USEPAUnited States Environmental Protection Agency
USTRUnited States Trade Representative
VACVisit ASEAN Campaign
VALENTEASEAN Energy Database, Valorization of Energy Technology
VAPVientiane Action Programme
VAYVisit ASEAN Millenium Year
WCAIAWorking Committee on ASEAN Investment Area
WCTWIPO Copyright Treaties
WECWest-East Corridor
WGABIWorking Group on Agribusiness
WGASMEWorking Group on ASEAN Seas and Marine Environment
WGEEWorking Group on Environmental Economics
WGEIPAEWorking Group on Environmental Information, Public Awareness and Education
WGEMWorking Group on Environmental Management
WGFDISWorking Group on Foreign Direct Investment Statistics
WGICWorking Group on Industrial Cooperation
WGIPCWorking Group on Intelectual Property Cooperation
WGLWorking Group on Livestock
WGNCWorking Group on Nature Conservation
WGTECWorking Group on Trade and Economic
WGTPWorking Group on Transboundary Pollution
WHOWorld Health Organization
WIPOWorld Intellectual Property Organization
WPPTWIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
WSSDWorld Summit on Sustainable Development
WTMWorld Travel Mart
WTOWorld Trade Organization
WWTTT-CPDWaste Water Treatment Technology Transfer and Cleaner Production
ZOPFANZone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality

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