Develop Memory and Concentration

Ways to Develop Memory and Concentration
Bygone are the days of ‘Susruta’. Now almost all the people are suffering fro
m Memory problems. The ratio might be different between different peo
ple. Brain cells don’t produce other brain cells and thus their death means
permanent loss. So many reasons like digestive disorders, physical weakness, typhoid, continuous stress, any of the chronic diseases, by-birth mental defects and less  than normal quantity of blood cause brain cell death. Absent mindedness, difficulty to memorize the lessons, forgetting to do the scheduled things, not recognizing the known persons are some of the symptoms of this disease. Though the brain cells cannot be produced they can be revived in certain manner. Drink a glass of bit juice every day; you can use it as salad either. Bite a sweet apple before meal daily to sharpen your memory. Eat the watermelon seeds with watermelon fruits. Use of pepper in food is beneficial to solve memory problem. Boil half a liter of milk with 4-5 leaves of Peepal (Sacred Fig tree). Filter the milkand drink it with some sugar candy mixed in it daily for some days. Take 25 gram of cream butter (Makkhan), mix some peeper and jiggery and lick it well. Regular use of ripe pumpkins as curry and daily use of honey serve to strengthen your brain power. Having mixed salad and regular fruit eating habit prevents memory loss. Create a habit of eating two walnuts every day; it is the panacea to increase memory power. But better soak it in water 3-4 hours prior to eating in hot seasons. Continuous use of cashews, peanuts etc work wonder in the field of increasing memory. The fluid intake should be sufficient. Insufficient fluid in the body causes memory loss. Cultivate the faculty of imagination. Whatever you want to remember try to visualize it which will help to remember and you will enjoy it too. Mental stress causes memory loss. So it should be avoided as far as possible and removed. The best way to remove stress and increase memory and concentration is meditation. Practice meditation for 10-15 minutes every day. Do some exercise daily so that the lazy body will not affect the mind and you will feel fresh. Practice some eye exercises on a daily basis. Specially turning the eyeballs right and left is the most, after 10-12 times close eyes and do palming. Performing pranayamas like Anulom Vilom, Bhramari and asanas like Ardha Shirshaasan, Shirshasan and Sarvangasan are effective to improve memory and concentration. Tag n share for ur frndz!!