Bookstore List For IAS Preparation

[Bookstore List] Read me if u can’t find old Question paper/Book!


·                  this isn’t spam but if you send money and they don’t send you book- I’m NOT responsible.
·                  if you know about such things – then do update (esp bookstores dealing with UPSC stuff in your city)
·                  I know only of Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar, so whatever I’m writing about Banglore / Hyderabad/ Delhi- that is only a copy paste job from other people’s advices given in this forum.
Any UPSC exam related book – when you can’t find it anywhere – refer to Delhi’s section- Jawahar Book distributers send books via postal orders.

Delhi (when you don’t get it anywhere)

Jawahar Publishers Distributors

Address: 15, DDA Market , Ber Sarai , Delhi- 110016
Landmark: Opposite JNU Old Campus
(they send books via post)

IGNOU’s printed material in Delhi

(I had read this tip from another user- I think it was Vandana.Jain)
Madaan book store,  Nayi sarak
you can get it for Rs.600/-

Gujarat / Ahmedabad

go to Ahmedabad, Lal Darawaja- under bridge’s book market.
there are two main stores dealing with UPSC related stuff
1.    Liberty (25355755  /  25352067)
2.    Atul (9877471567 / 9328201377)
The Atul store gives more discount than Liberty but Liberty has some ‘odd’ books that Atul doesn’t have – so be sure to check them both when you go there.

Liberty shop also keeps old magazine issues of Wizard/ Chronicle/ Civil Service times etc. so for that go to Liberty.

If you’re looking for Stephen Robbins- you’ll certainly get it from Atul, because i had bought from the same store.

if you’re not fimiliar with Ahmedabad’s book market then know this–

there will be agents who’ll grab your hand when you reach that area, and they’ll tell you “come to our store- we’ll give you 40% discount” but actually they’ve nothing but Tata Macgraw’s General Studies manual. so don’t waste time with them. If they insist and don’t let you go- then tell them following fake answer

“Mein Atul / liberty mai book return karne aayaa hu“

then they won’t touch you again

there is another big store behind Libertybook store- i forgot its name but also check that out.
Sometimes new books from new authors come in market, so don’t be ‘static’ – it won’t hurt checking new books.

Old NCERTs in Ahmedabad

again, same market but talk with those open street vendors- they deal with 2nd hand they might have it.

Gujarat, Gandhinagar

there is only one bookstore named Abhishek bookstore.
its in Sector-11, Meghmalhar complex, on the right size of PEtrol pump in the ground floor.
He doesn’t give good discount so I would rather say buy from Ahmedabad. but if you’re looking for just 1-2 books then no need to waste bus-ticket money and buy from him.

Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

since you are in hyderabad, my advice is that you may try and procure them from any decent bookstore there. being an old hand, i can suggest shops in the koti area, around the gandhi gyan mandir. goodluck.
- Chanda_S

Old NCERTs are available in xerox shops located in Ashok nagararea…Near RC Reddys ie x cross road and the one near KrishnaPradeep coaching center….

u’ll get them in any of the Koti book stalls, Xerox shop in Ashok Nagar, ask for Srinivasa Xerox centre… Adarsh Book depot near Food world in Shankarmuth ( ICICI bank ATM)… u’ll get them for sure inAdarsh Book depot if u dont find it anywhere else…
apart from the NCERT books… u can have a look at the books in State Central Library,Afzalgunj…. many related n useful books and good atmosphere to read.

I have got them in Himalayan book store in Panjagutta junction..Infact they have almost all books required for UPSC..

Karnataka, Banglore

you also get kannada medium question paper near can buy it..
- Nethra K Putti

for general knowledge / general studies their is a separate book inkannada you get it in sapna book house either any of these 2 branches : gandhibazaar / indiranagar near chinnmaya mission…
- Nethra K Putti

for Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS)
you can get previous years KAS question bank book in sapna book house in gadhinagar near mejastic. both g.s. & p.adm you get it both english & kannada medium
if you are unable to get there then go to avenue road there is books shop called rahul book stores near the dharmachatra next to temple, they have.

- Nethra K Putti

Tamil Nadu, Chennai

For general studies, you can go to PCM book shop near T Nagar bus stand. They hav a good collection of GS books including the NCERT ones.

You can get most of the books(GS) and some books(Psychology) at Krishna Knowledge treasury,Anna Nagr,12th main road(the road opposite to Hot Chips).There may be other shops but this is one of those i know.

For Tamil literature

We can get the past question papers of Tamil Literature from SakthiBook House, 11, Bharathi Salai(Pycrofts Road), Triplicane, Chennai – 5. Ph:044-28443087. However the past question papers are available only till mains 2004. Not sure whether recent question papers are available. Please contact the bookshop for further details. You can also get the required study material for Tamil Literature at this bookshop.
-ram prakash

you can try to krishna knowledge treasury in Anna nagar. the phone number — 044-26160696

Old question papers for Odd Unpopular Subjects

There are certain ‘odd – unpopular’ subjects so if you’ve taken them,chances are that you won’t be able to find the old question papers for prelims/ mains, easily.
·       Engineering
·       English literature
·       Maths / Law
·       Zoology
·       Chemistry
·       Med.Science
·       Commerce
·       Economy
·       botany
·       Agriculture
etc etc
 DO SEARCH ON GOOGLE WHETHER THOSE PAPERS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE OR NOT? – because generally UPSCportal & visionias website has them. and for the last years’ paper on any subject- go to official UPSC site’s page (click me!)
But still if you can’t find last 5-10 years’ old papers then…….
So in that case, this ‘New Vishal’ Publication has them all.
their papersets don’t have ‘answers’ – only questions i.e. unsolved papers.
some papersets are from 1979, some from 1990 etc.
Price range is about 60-75 Rs. per paperset book.

Contact information

New Vishal Publication
3/2, West Patel Nagar,
New Delhi- 110008
Phone- 25884003
didnot buy it from there, I’m only writing address from a paperset of theirs- which i had purchased from an bookstore in Ahmedabad.
you may call above number see if he sends via postal or go to some big bookstore in your city and ask him get it for you, on first he may tell you he won’t do it. then just tell him you’ll give him Commission or extra money ;)
**if you’ve info on any more stores on above locations OR in any other cities of India then please update.***

Some random tips

1.    The bookstores will give you good discount like 15-30% or even more on books (so Tata Macgrawhill GS manual or any other book will be real cheap)
2.    Online book purchase = bills, Postal charges, VAT. For bookstores- no such crap = again cheap
4.    Wizard’s old magazines can be directly ordered via post – because Wizard itself provides it. (refer the form given in their magazines)
5.    If you want to know more bookstores- refer Chronicle Magazine because their every 2nd page is full of ads :D  

Booktips for Public Administration

·       also keep in mind, most bookstores keep ‘Old editions of Mohit Bhattacharya’ (since nobody buys them lol) but you try to buy the latest, as it has more chapters
·       i’ve edition from 1998- it got only 18 chapters while the 2003 edition has about 23 chapters.
·       recently i saw even latest version it has even more chapters!
·       remember the name “Essential Organisation Behavior – by Stephen Robbins” , “Low Economy Edition” -pages about 330.
·       Sharma Sadana has ‘updated’ edition every year but basically they only ‘update’ the first page of the book – so it doesn’t generally matter if you’ve older book.

  • For Gujarat

    We can get NCERT books from Garg Library which is at Ashram Road,Ahmedabad. contact no.- 27541127.
    In  nagpur bk stores