The Australian National Flag

The Australian National Flag is identified by three distinguishing elements with a blue base: The Union Flag, the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross.

The Union Flag : Also known as the Union Jack, it is located on the upper hoist quarter. The Union Jack is symbolic of Australia's history as a collection of British colonies.Another historical view is that the Union Jack is a demonstration of loyalty to the British Empire.

The Commonwealth Star : A large white seven- pointed star identified as the Commonwealth Star is located on the lower hoist of the Flag. Also known as the Federation Star, this symbol represents the confederation of the Australian Colonies on 1 st January 1901.

The Southern Cross (Crux): The constellation of five white stars of the fly of the Flag symbolizes the Southern Cross. It is the brightest constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere and since the early British settlement, the Southern Cross has been used to represent Australia and New Zealand.

The blue colored base of the Flag is symbolic of Australia as an island continent. It also represents the blue sky and man's journey to Australia.

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